Zhejiang jiaxing try water glass bottle recycling bottle oil bottle sent to where

by:Xianke     2020-07-09

beer bottles and capped, vinegar bottle, when these bottles into the bin will go? Month, jiaxing try water glass bottle recycling. In south lake area emerging street pine crane, is two community neighborhood, several groups of special glass bottle recycling bins have been working for days. Special glass bottle recycling bins for the first time out of the village, as journalists to follow project director Dr Jerry wang, explore the environmental regeneration of waste glass low cost. It is reported, this project by National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and related agencies to carry out in Japan, at present only in jiaxing, guiyang, xining, Qingdao city in pilot. Jiaxing project organized by the National Development and Reform Commission, the city of jiaxing city is built appoint, Yangtze river delta circular economy research institute specific execution. In the afternoon, responsible for the project of zhejiang Yangtze river delta Dr Jerry wang with circular economy college student volunteers, clear out one by one. Phase ii in put out state about m range in the district, the reporter sees there are groups of special recycling bins. Each group has a plastic trash can, nearly meters respectively casks that read 'colorless', 'tan', 'green'. Jerry wang gray for you already cut glove and blue overalls, everyone's job is to tidy up the glass bottle classify. Don't bottle recycling, usually with garbage. 'See you around the bin looking for glass bottles, community residents Wu Wenxian reminded reporters. She did not know is that most of the garbage can degradation after burning or burying, but the two didn't work for glass bottles, will only bring secondary pollution. Moreover, due to the high cost of glass bottles recycling, is not attractive for companies. Open the first group of 'colorless' bucket recycling bins, two small flying insects with a pungent garbage smell, scare you into a big step back, and have to pick the next must remember to wear masks. Reporter a look carefully, bottom of eat hutch garbage, recycling garbage everywhere, colorful, and black liquid. Estimates that people regard it as the normal bin. Pine crane LuoXia said, party secretary of community ever went door-to-door distribution of glass bottles recycling publicity materials, although everyone recognized the concept of environmental protection, but many years leopard cannot change its spots. In the 'green' and 'brown' a bucket, the reporter sees, bucket in addition to the green and tan, and blue, red and so on all sorts of color glass bottle, some oily, there still remain some of the liquid in the bottle. Everybody together, pour the liquid in the bottle is clean, will take out is not in conformity with the requirements of glass bottle, and screw down the lid. This is to ensure the quality of the glass, improve the efficiency of recycling, reduce the cost of recycling. 'In the publicity materials actually write very well, please residents residue inside the bottle first clean, and put the label on the bottle, bottle caps, such as the glass material removal, according to the color again into different recycling bins. Japan's garbage collection for the years to do what it is today. 'Jerry wang said, the situation has exceeded his expectations, even got off to a good start. Residents, however, it is not easy to clean the bottle myself. To live in. A community li-jun CAI, just will be home after drinking a yellow bottle thrown into the downstairs of the recycling bin. It's light brown. She tried several times to have failed to put the bottle label pulled down, 'is expected to be use wire clean ball to brush off'. 'To classify glass bottles into the trash can just lift a finger, but it can save a lot of resources. Recycling technology has now is not the problem, but from the residents home to this section of the road of enterprise is very arduous, to guide citizens to form good habits of garbage classification. 'Jerry wang explains the current problems. Once a week, after the volunteers finished glass bottles through the garbage transport, transit, and finally by zhejiang huaxing glass co. , LTD. , is responsible for handling, reuse again. This project will continue until the end of the year, volunteers will monitor collection points in each group every week the number of glass bottles, weight, logistics costs and maintenance costs, benefits, such as data, and carries on the analysis, the accumulation of experience, to provide reference for subsequent work. Blue jin ears blue gong wine bottle custom stainless steel products stainless steel bottle
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