Zhang Yuxian shape the true life

by:Xianke     2020-07-19

wind Zhang Yuxian pen name, years, was born in yugan county in jiangxi province. He have been so fond of painting, elementary school when he was copying the mustard spectrum picture. Especially the painter Mr Peng Youshan retained in le home part of the vivid portrait in realism and reflect the subject matter works of Anti-Japanese War, a great influence on him. With painting talent and solid basic skills, he enter oneself for an examination the stainless steel institute of fine arts. Years after graduation, due to the excellent teaches. Three years of teaching experience his profound professional theory foundation. During this period, he met tao research work in the department of sculpture master Zeng Long rises and CAI jin tai, and he followed Mr Zeng Long rise with China to learn for a month, eye-opening. He told of the news of the Zeng Long l want to enlightening, and earnestly to college is no longer teach, to worship Mr. Zeng for the teacher. After many efforts, he got a chance, pottery, is transferred to the department work. Mr Tsang rigorous work attitude, superb skills, deep influence on him, he benefited a lot. He always remember a word from the Mr 'no inheritance and development. In, if you don't master the traditional techniques, unlikely to survive. 'he studied hard, inherit the tradition of Mr Technique, realistic goal, closely combining with the spirit of The Times and become a protege of Mr. During this period he porcelain carving skill has come to the fore. Years' stolen royal horse ', 'he wrote, 'summer', 'desk lamp and other works. Been chosen to attend the 'red army the correspondent' east China art exhibition of smoke came in with porcelain art and published in the journal of China. With the end of the year, he created 'feng from anneal porcelain carving. The work performance of the sharpener is a female BeiNian try back in an instant a young woman carrying firewood chopper, put the thumb on the blade with another hand, look carefully the design is novel, the work take part in the national arts exhibition, the workers' daily, Guangming Daily, spread out gradually, and so on more than a dozen newspapers published photos, published articles. With the only stainless steel works manned the national fine arts exhibition will double in east China area works anthology. Zhang Yuxian also represent artist of jiangxi province in the 20th anniversary celebration of Inner Mongolia liberation sculpture creation activity, praised by people from all walks of life, Zhang Yuxian only years old that year. 'A viable industry are hard to avoid adversity and suffering, as Zhang Yuxian domain road full of ambition, prosperous, Mr Zeng Long l died, his grief. Then, he again from the art room is transferred to the JiHuaShi. An accidental opportunity, for he brought the dawn of fate. Years, changchun film studio director Zhang Xin actually realized. He is yanan period of card shark, have a passion for painting collection co, he went to the pottery are, want to choose and buy some porcelain carving works. When Zhang Yuxian at the ministry of China warehouse, he asked Zhang Yuxian 'Zeng Long rise now? His work here? When there is no answer when, he look dim. Asked again, 'I heard he had a disciple, now? 'Zhang Yuxian said' what can I do for you? 'director zhang said' I love that 'stolen royal horse' Zhang Yuxian was more than I could bear, falling water brush, hold Zhang Pu play hand he said 'I am has first disciple Zhang Yuxian at first. 'to his old dream of a director, he will be in the home only a statue' stolen royal horse 'to a director, director zhang gave a statue of his collection has long swim the eldest son do the' dharma 'porcelain carving. He was Zhang Yuxian sculpture talent and if the art of the pursuit of spirit, to reflect city leaders' Zeng Long litres of art should be happinesses, Zhang Yuxian should back technology. 'Zhang Yuxian soon returned to the dream world of art. Zhang Yuxian design creation, nephew have women's gentle and elegant, and has a 'doors' strong suppression of' unfortunately 'restore harmonic humor, li bai, s proud; 'little trooper' crowing all give a person with beautiful enjoyment. He has made 15 unfortunately, a series of basic form, Zhang Yuxian think 'unfortunately has a kind heart, FuRuoJiPin, hate injustice like poison, and its harmonic image restore humor; Production technique is free '. His unfortunately for porcelain carving, such as' unfortunately think wine ', 'unfortunately for swim,' unfortunately for cricket fighting 'respectively in Hong Kong 'da gong bao, such as' China stainless steel 'and' porcelain 'published in the newspaper. Zhang Yuxian is a versatile, he made animals, flowers, aquatic animals, insects, etc all d best d roar lifelike. Such as' fishing basket with cats' porcelain carving, expression is a group of cat and crab's sad scene. A small cat paw over the edge of the fish basket is to look at the above, the other two grilled floret cat in the basket, basket mouth out a crab pliers, a 'crab is climb out along the flight really go see baskets, but is it a cat with her paw in the hold. The whole picture, exuberant, interesting. The works exhibition in Beijing won the second prize. Other such as' rainy night ', 'snails' and' bamboo fun 'and' lotus pond good news' small porcelain carving, surrealism, such as idyllic after pure and fresh and lovely, shows his to nature, to observe the great love of life and subtle. Zhang Yuxian design work, not only modelling lifelike, full of beauty, and deep thought connotation, profound and intriguing. Such as' enlightenment 'rare brutalizes abound philosophic theory and enlightenment to the person, the work now display in xinhua du du Hong Kong. His' hometown dream 'performance of the porcelain carving is the theme of the overseas Chinese love the motherland, in stainless steel art hundred flowers awards '. Zhang Yuxian CARES for the next generation, in order to make the stainless steel happinesses of art, he has repeatedly invited to a few o 'clock stainless steel academy lecture, as a graduation design guidance teacher, his students in some has become associate professor, lecturer, senior technology artists, or leaders of factories and mines. Henan popular antique series of goods
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