you can now buy a reusable coffee cup made from bamboo chopsticks

by:Xianke     2020-06-21
A Sydney-
Coffee lovers who are passionate about environmental sustainability have just created a new, reusable bamboo coffee cup made from branches of bamboo chopsticks.
Ed Burton, marketing professional
Time coffee cup designers keep seeing plastic coffee cups discarded at random on the beach.
So he decided to make a coffee cup that looks and feels like a regular take-out coffee cup but does not contain plastic.
His upper cycle habit coffee cup is a reliable, lightweight and biodegradable alternative to a disposable coffee cup, which is eventually buried.
\"People are aware of sustainable development,\" Burton said . \".
\"They want to make a difference, but they need more choices.
There should be more products to take care of the big picture, but more importantly, they should do so and be something we really want to use. ”As a first-
Time product designer Burton took about 18 months to create the concept of the Cup.
\"I tried many reusable cups made of different materials, but none of them met my needs,\" Burton told SBS . \".
\"Reusable plastic coffee cups are not sustainable and plastic can damage the taste of coffee.
People are often afraid of breaking reusable glass coffee cups. ceramic cups are very heavy and hot.
\"I also tried using a bamboo coffee cup.
It also gets very hot, but the concept of bamboo cups makes me think: This material is sustainable, but is there a way to reduce the heat of the cup ? \" Burton\'s final design has two bamboo cups placed inside each other to provide a double wall for additional insulation.
\"It has two layers of very thick bamboo that allows you to pour boiling water into the inner cup, but since there is a second one outside, you will never reach the hot inner cup.
This design can keep your coffee hot for a longer period of time, but you will not feel the heat of the coffee.
Burton explained that in order to make the Cup, he first collected bamboo scraps from a like-minded chopsticks supplier.
\"We use the cut and cut pieces that are not in the chopsticks and refine them into powder --
It\'s like material, \"he said.
\"Then we mix it with corn starch and natural resin, which is essentially your glue.
Heat to the right temperature and put in double
We create wall molds.
That\'s our cup.
\"From the beginning to the end, it\'s about three-to-
According to the amount of debris left by the supplier, the four-week process of making the Cup.
\"The first batch of 1000 reusable customary coffee cups are currently being produced.
Funded by a $8000 Kickstarter event, the first round of cups will be distributed to donations to fundraising events and pre-
New products were ordered.
Although the online campaign is now over, the company will continue to accept orders through its website as the order is added.
Burton will officially launch a new custom bamboo cup in November.
From then on, shoppers around the world will be able to buy products online and receive cups quickly with quick shipping.
The cups come in three colors-natural wood, blue and black-for $22 per cup.
Burton believes the biodegradable Cup will last for about two years.
However, the life of the product needs to be tested.
\"But, as long as one day, if you pour the coffee in, it will not break up in your hands.
\"It\'s very powerful,\" he said . \"
\"We want people to use cups for the right reasons.
We really want to be part of an existing campaign to create sustainable products.
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