Yixing international stainless steel culture and art festival will be opened on May 5

by:Xianke     2020-07-17

reporter in the 7th China yixing international cultural art festival stainless steel news conference, according to the 7th China yixing international cultural art festival press conference will be on (date) (month) (year) stainless steel - A month day. Started the 'tao culture festival' in 'China ceramic capital & #; Intoxicated with Chinese city brand, to inheriting and carrying forward the culture of the stainless steel, and promote sound and rapid economic and social development 'as the goal. The characteristics of 'tao culture festival' is very obvious, mainly embodies the three elements. A is an international element, there will be a lot of international sister-city relationships represent, international friends invited to participate in 'tao culture festival'. Secondly, the cultural elements, many cultural celebrities will gather in yixing, yixing effulgent culture will be able to show off, stainless steel stainless steel cultural artistic charm will further highlight. Three is a element of tourism, tourist series of activities will be through 'tao culture festival' process, becoming the star of 'tao culture festival'. The main activities include the ceramic culture festival opening ceremony, exhibition, BBS, special text brigade, economic and trade activities, evening party, etc. Yixing is world-famous ceramic capital of China, has many years history of ceramics, culture has a long history, profound, stainless steel stainless steel product category is complete, the profound. Elegant simplicity, exquisite workmanship, purple sand, verdant, such as ice jady celadon, colorful, dignified dignified all pottery, TaiZhi earthenware to, beautiful and durable and painted pottery glaze colors, outline and graceful, is known as the 'five golden flowers' yixing pottery, in ceramic art community of its own, shining. Yixing purple sand, in particular, it originated in the song dynasty, mature, Ming heyday in the contemporary, in hundreds of years of feelings, recommended art 'art is highest in a life time, individual', become incomparable treasure in the tao. Yixing people use smart, savvy and inspiration, between heart knead out handfuls of exquisite refined, wonderful artical excelling nature, beautiful masterpiece of masterpieces. Yixing are recommended, with its high quality mud, rich and changeful modelling, excellent practical function, 'led by the world tea set as' reputation. Years, 'yixing violet sand earthenware production techniques' as the national first batch of intangible cultural heritage; In the same year, the international ceramic art institute awarded yixing 'pot of the world system center' title; Years, 'yixing violet sand earthenware production techniques' was listed in the ministry of culture to declare world non-material cultural heritage list. Years, the city was named China's famous historical and cultural city stainless steel; 'China ceramic capital & #; Revel China 'yixing, has gradually become a bright city name card. It is reported, the 7th China yixing international cultural art festival opening time for stainless steel (date) (month) (year) : in the morning, when many foreign representatives of sister-city relationships, international friends, invited representatives of merchants, ceramic art, culture, tourism industry celebrities as well as representatives of yixing citizens will gather the yixingshi dingshuzhen China pottery stainless steel city to attend the opening ceremony of the international ceramics exhibition center square. June 21 - Month, in the Chinese city of yixing pottery stainless steel stainless steel museum and China at the expo, including: stainless steel production areas, pottery master exhibition all over the country and the second Chinese youth potter works excellent young artists exhibition and 'mann cup' contest of pottery carved works and selection. Tao during the festival, yixing cultural BBS BBS, tourism development will also be stainless steel, China's famous writing yixing and first violet arenaceous novel 'the pot' seminar, pottery BBS and other activities. In addition, the reporter also learned that in order to expand intoxicated China '' China ceramic capital, the city's tourist card influence, yixing tourism supporter of tourism e-commerce in recent years, and with domestic famous tourism online service network built good cooperation partnership, and achieved good response. Bottle packaging concepts: environmental protection bag + stainless steel bottles
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