Xinjiang production and construction corps man obsessed with the bottle collection has reached thousands of kinds

by:Xianke     2020-07-14

everybody has his own hobby, some hobby is collecting stamps, some hobby is collecting COINS, but for the xinjiang production and construction corps second division 29 regiment processing factory worker in the summer, collection bottle is his main hobby. Rows of rich ancient frame, each bottle shape and chic, differences, lack of bottle filled up with square meters house, let a person dazzling, as if into a museum of the bottle. This is the summer home, he named it 'drunk bottles of xuan'. These bottles have stainless steel, glass, purple. Material is qualitative different, the shape is different also, there are people, animals, landscape painting, antique appliance, guns, ammunition, tanks and mines and so on. Bottle content involves the story characters, historical allusion, military culture, etc. These containers of wine, in the summer, both are baby. Each bottle is like a silent poem, a picture of the flow, there is a story behind every bottle. Summer on bottles are collected at a reunion years ago, when a bottle of the 'water cube' Beijing Olympic Games commemorative wine bottles, more see the love, he brought home, fondle admiringly of viewing, the bottle has a brief encounter feeling, began to bottle face. Old summer rarely drinks at ordinary times, but as long as he heard where there is good wine, will try to clean out back, looking for a fun. Years, most of the time on the summer holiday, are 'bubble' in the joys and pangs bottle collection. Any free bottles, almost can see his shadow. Although summer doesn't love to drink, sometimes see beautiful wine bottle in the mall, to the wine bottle, also want to buy this bottle of wine. 'Pine will not regret for the gadites gaunt elimination' this poem with apt on him. Summer collection bottle, though not long, not small, but the results so far, a lot of classes, a total of a variety of, in order to put the bottles, summer special design on a solo exhibition. But with the increase of collection bottle number, the room is too small can't display more and more. Collect bottles on a high starting point is the summer collection targets. His collection of wine bottle, by digital is the most precious ', 'combination of dragon Olympic commemorative bottle modelling, most varieties of bottle is the force in xinjiang, has reached. Full of beautiful things in the bottle also attracted many visitors, neighbors friends often come to admire his 'baby'. He had the opportunity to introduce the history of each bottle, allusions, origin, nature and history and other knowledge. When leisure, summer will give these bottles on a clean, change the position, appreciate it, in order to eliminate the pressure of work, remove the bustle of heart, edify sentiment already so, also learned a lot of knowledge, really enjoy the endless fun. It is worth mentioning that bottle on the summer collection can have today's success, he is grateful for his lover gui-ying he, despite their family income is not high, but getting her full support. As the abundance of the accumulation of knowledge and the collection, summer on the bottle had a deeper understanding of the culture, he says, the Chinese wine culture and profound, and the bottle is the concrete carrier of wine culture. Through bottle collection, we can peep at the progress of our country wine packaging, to witness the development of The Times, to explore the rich wine culture and the history of some fine wines, can also appreciate the elegant demeanour of Chinese wine culture and superb artistic value. Not only is the carrier of wine bottle, also is a kind of special arts and crafts. Many bottle color, not only beautiful modelling, some bottles and artistic works such as calligraphy, painting, poetry, many calligraphy and paintings by famous artists. It combines art, wine history, pottery wine, allusions, archaeology, cultural relic, painting, calligraphy, poetry, sculpture, folk custom, etiquette, medicine, and scenic spots, etc. So a bottle of small fortunes. Instruments of wine are in summer, the bottle, is generally not taken seriously by people, people drink wine, wine bottle is as a waste, a throw it, very pity. In fact, there are some bottles, especially stainless steel bottle, chic modelling, color, packaging design, has high ornamental value and collection value. The bottle collection arose in the s of the last century, is a 'young' collection varieties. The bottle collection, also emerged many bottle collectors. Recently, in the summer to participate in the 'collection of urumqi association wine culture collection branch' held the bottle after the show, the feeling is quite deep, he said, all kinds of collection, capital of xinjiang, thriving, as xinjiang wine culture association member and korla association, director of the wine culture, I will vigorously promote wine culture significance of the collection, the local collection of wine culture. Conditions such as mature, will establish a 'iron gate pass, wine culture collection branch' summer collection in the collection bottle on happiness, but also in the history of taste, deepened his understanding of Chinese culture and wine culture of stainless steel. Collect bottles, let summer all day immersed in the happiness. Huiyuan's chairman zhu xinli collection hobbies: stone bottle beverage bottle
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