Woman was raped by a strange man home to resist beer bottles at the head

by:Xianke     2020-07-14

in haikou ding village south of the city road, in a private house last year, has just graduated from the university of woman Liu Gui x, held by a home man, beer bottle struck the man put her on the bed trying to implement violence. Liu Gui by fighting back and ran to the balcony for help, the man with a genial smile that fled helter-skelter. Neighbor discovery dials and after. It is understood that the haikou police have to initiate an investigation. Woman is a full face of blood stations for help Liu Gui x is on the fourth floor balcony haikou dragon bridge town, years old this year. Liu Gui x just graduated from henan university last year, has yet to find the right job. Reporters learned that June 21 o 'clock in the afternoon, in haikou city road ding village in a private house, suddenly coming out of a miserable woman cry for help. Nearby residents heard the past can not help but shocked: I saw a woman long hair stood on the balcony on the fourth floor, wall, a full face of blood, she kept waving Shouting for help. Then, neighbors found the woman fainted to the ground. Several neighbors told the woman's family situation, hurriedly and dials. The woman was taken to a nearby then injured the fourth people's hospital of haikou city. Reporters at the scene to see, a mess in the room, the bed quilt is very messy, from the bed, on the floor, extends to the outside of the balcony, there was blood everywhere. Injured woman years old, graduated from the university last year, according to understand, the scene is the home of the Liu Gui x sister liu. Liu told reporters that afternoon she went out the incident, leaving sister a person to sleep in the room, dreamed of in her sister to come home. Day, in a hospital ward, liu took my sister's hand kept tears. Liu said, she and her husband usually midnight snack food stalls, o 'clock every afternoon at home near the start, had to take care of two children, very hard. Sister Liu Gui x years old this year, very understand, just graduated from university last month, because there has been no find the right job, free at ordinary times will come and help her. In the afternoon at about the incident, Ms. Liu and sister home to give children a bath together. After the children a bath, liu went out to take their children. Liu Gui x a person sleep in sister home. Liu said, when to see my sister fell asleep, just want her to rest for a while, so don't have the heart to wake her up. Later don't really know what happened to her. In the afternoon around neighbors to tell her, just know my sister had an accident. Woke up to find a strange man in the room small operator is liu neighbor, then he heard the voice of the woman cry for help from the next room, he saw a light through the window with his man playing a woman, at first he thought is husband and wife in the fight. Later found it's wrong, he rushed to inform Ms. Liu. The first run to come over, liu's mother saw Liu Gui x fainted on the balcony, head, looked gloomy, the shooter had fled the scene. After the incident, everyone comment in succession. Small operator, said the shooter could be a thief, discovered by Liu Gui x when theft and crime cuts. Liu another neighbor thinks, shooter may want to steal something at first, later found Liu Gui x a person wants to rape her at home. Liu and his family found that Liu Gui x clothes and trousers are torn, body is blood. Day, reporters in haikou city in the fourth people's hospital surgical ward met Liu Gui hospitalized with x. At that time, the policemen are doing with her interrogation record. Talk about the situation, her facial expression is very painful, still shudder. Liu Gui x, told reporters that afternoon, the elder sister to take their children out, she a person to sleep in the bedroom, she woke up after sleeping for a while, ready to go out to help sister food taken late at night, she suddenly saw there seems to be a clothes outside the bedroom in, she looked at the past and open it in clothes, found a strange man squatted there, she felt something was wrong, and then ask the man 'why are you sitting here? '' even jumped to his hurt by him can't insult' Liu Gui x, 'said the man, appearance is very fierce. After he saw Liu Gui x said not a word, picked up a beer bottle on the ground is hit to her head. Liu Gui x was beaten head, then turned and ran into the room, the man ran in, the beer bottle in her on the back of the head again dozen once, beer bottles were broken. The man entered the room she pressed on the bed, still tugging on her clothes and trousers. She struggled to resist, kicking his legs. The man back up again. The last two people roll on the floor together. Liu Gui x said, her head was immediately after beer bottles of blood drawing, and there was blood on his face, but shooter does not stop, even picked up the broken beer bottles on the ground to plunge into her head, she beat him with the hand, each other become angry from embarrassment, grabbed her neck by hand. She tried to resist, thrust aside the shooter, quickly ran to the room on the balcony outside, close the door loudly for help. In the process of her distress, shooter also tried to rush to the balcony, but the door was blocked by she desperately with the body. Liu Gui x said: 'I thought, if he also rushed up to the balcony, I will jump down from the upstairs, even hurt by jumping off a building cannot be affected by his insult. 'After several neighbors heard Liu Gui * cry for help come and see, shooter with a genial smile that flee the scene. Liu Gui x recalled said that when the shooter looks familiar, height. Meters, like a friend of her brother-in-law, but not her brother-in-law friend she also can not be sure. Liu Gui x after treatment, the stable condition, dangerous without life, she has spent about yuan medical treatment in hospital. It is understood that the haikou police have to initiate an investigation.
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