Wine maniac Guo Xiao wine museum

by:Xianke     2020-07-09

there are too many people like wine, like Guo Xiao very few people fascinated by alcohol. In weifang activity ', shandong province, the first collection folk adopt 'station scene, reporter saw the Guo Xiao. 'Said earlier in zibo and wow, I see the collection first campaign, I'm from zibo. '' had to hide because he liked the wine, find out which state-owned enterprise stand to clean up the inventory I went to collect. Slowly began to participate in some of the first auction. 'Years ago Guo Xiao began to wine and deeply in love with this collection. 'I am hidden now nearly thousands of bottles of wine, including the last of the world s wine, maotai, s can say a line of fine wines, shandong famous nationwide, even at the county level in shandong some old liquor I have collected. '' alcohol is a kind of culture is a history. Don't simply think it's a bottle of alcohol, can see through it at the time of drinking customs, production capacity, consumption ability. 'At some point cannot help Guo Xiao intoxicated in his own wine to understand. Nowadays, Guo Xiao in the region, time division of alcohol at the same time, also on the scent of alcohol. 'Sesame flavor liquor is our representative of shandong. Four people sesame leader on behalf of the product I have. When talking about his biggest feeling in this activity, Guo Xiao said. 'a lot of people like to collect both tasteful and alive but they don't know how to collect. This activity plays a very good guide. At the same time, this activity is za lu wine first large-scale looking for leading activity, suggesting that lu wine enterprises pay more attention to corporate culture. Such activities also to the promotion of lu wine visibility and reputation as a whole is very good. 'In order to collect alcohol and wine culture. Has nothing to do with wine work Guo Xiao investment in zhoucun established a wine culture museum of ancient commercial city. 'This year will open before eleven. My original idea is to display in the tourist area leading, especially the first (of shandong. 'Guo Xiao huge investment in the cellar, make a lot of people think that he is' the madman ', and in it is a kind of extraordinary complex cellar. The weifang talent collection the cellar
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