Wine bottle recycling He Yicheng business

by:Xianke     2020-07-13

in recent years, consumer awareness and demand for high-end wine products, liquor recycling market to heat up, then many people start a recycling of empty wine bottles of sales. From various recovery site, send out to the door of the bar restaurant, shopping malls supermarkets 'recycling' professional business CARDS, wine bottle recycling has become the 'business'. Reporters on the network search, found a lot of wine and the wine bottle recycling site. Random reached a website called 'first gift recycling marketing center', to sell the bottle after consulting price, its head, said Louis xiii full bottle wine in hennessy Richard bottle yuan, middle-aged of maotai liquor bottle according to the 'colour' yuan yuan, year maotai wine bottle can amount to thousands of yuan. So, in the name of high-priced recycling bottle have what use? Industry insiders, the small bottle 'qiankun' greatly. Few bottles were used to collect, and the rest are mostly used as the production and sale of counterfeit goods. For lucrative, high-grade liquor product manufacture fakes is given priority to with foreign wine, high-end liquor, such as the output of a high-end liquor in only ten tons, while the real annual sales of one million tons, most of the bottles are recycled. The Mid-Autumn festival approaching, all kinds of high-grade wine again selling period. Reporters visited some of Beijing tobacco businesses, restaurants, hotels, found that bought expensive bottle of 'business' is very hot. Reporters came to the Beijing xicheng district qing zhi garden community near two cigarettes, alcohol and businesses, to ask if recycled bottles. Boss said, beer bottles can be recycled, liquor and wine bottles, should take to see real, not physical can not offer, and the packaging must complete. At the gate of the community, the reporter also found a middle-aged woman on the side of the road posing for fine wines and medicinal materials recycling color billboards, acquisition range including maotai, wuliangye, hennessy, martell wine; Asked whether recycled bottles, middle-aged woman said can go to the door closed. Beijing chaoyang district jiuxianqiao address hotel management personnel, says ms wu bottle colour and integrity directly influence its recovery. If the wine in the hotel consumption, find the waiter exception when opening bottles carefully, don't damage the anti-counterfeiting code, don't ask consumer bottle is how to deal with, proposal consumer had better take an empty bottle away, not to provide opportunities to fraud. She also told reporters that the real big acquisitions of wine bottle is not in the neighborhood, but 'active' in a restaurant in the hotel after the kitchen, she often have recycling in the hotel the door snapped up, some even hope all the wine bottle high contracting hotel. Recycling of bottles and what profit? Beijing wudaokou a bar, a staff told reporters that lafite red wine, for example, a wine bottle price for yuan, commonly recycled mount ordinary wine, can with RMB price to sell back to the bar, bar and then sold at RMB price, recyclers and bar can to earn profits from it. In order to prevent the wine bottle recycling used for fraud, why don't wine wine companies own recycling bottle? Guizhou DouYun city brewery co. , LTD. General manager xiao tao told reporters, basic is a one-time big wine enterprise product packaging design, namely the drinks the wine packaging (after using Including bottle) When garbage, including glass bottles can be recycled recycling department. Because the cost of recycling, the cost of inspection and cleaning, the bottle may be contaminated, which is generally not recycled bottles. China's wine industry association deputy secretary-general and liquor branch secretary-general shu-yu song said, with the improvement of cap anti-counterfeiting technology, as well as the application of bottle filling prevention design, using old bottles sell fakes are decreasing, more fraud is a batch production, such as wine, packaging materials, Inside and outside the box, wine bottles, wine cap, etc. ) Is full of fake goods. How to hit the bottle illegally recycled? Xiao tao suggested, should introduce the relevant national laws and regulations to standardize bottle and outside packaging recycling, industry and commerce, quality supervision, food inspection, public security departments to linkage intensify the blow for alcohol counterfeit fraud, and serious punishment; Wine enterprises should constantly improve, improve product anti-fake design of packaging materials, effective use of anti-counterfeiting code, remote query, password to verify multiple technical means such as identification, product area, prevent the product was fake. The bottle upside down, hop help you identify the liquor quality
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