Will: datong ancient Chinese porcelain also can do the lights

by:Xianke     2020-07-18

a few days ago, reporters in the 'datong ancient capitals in China will' lantern making on-site interview, listen to the sichuan zigong lantern culture company a teacher introduction, the company production of porcelain lamp unique, prestigious, the tribute for ancient capital will glory, will also make a set of moral 'peace and prosperity for the' China headlamp unit. China can also do the lights? Reporter yesterday once again explore the manufacturing site to the south city wall lights, in order to uncover the mysteries of the porcelain lamp. Around when in the morning, reporter walked into the south wall of the east city, promote the company's system of light field, see here is a piece of the busy scene of passion. According to the company artists Zhang Jinjun, this set of porcelain lamp m meters wide, use steel, wire frame model, chy-tech subject is an elephant tied with blue and white porcelain, the name is 'peace and prosperity for the coming year. The layout design has been completed, the workers are doing prophase strapping plates, forging frame work. In order to sneak peek, Zhang Jinjun to reporters opened the computer renderings. The elephant into the purpose, colour is gorgeous, is very good. The elephant's body is composed of blue porcelain, head of red porcelain Mosaic medallion, like the red edge act the role ofing also hung a few fringe. Like back carried a lotus, lux is meters high above a gorgeous large vases, bottles of coloured drawing or pattern on the phoenix, five color colorful, wings to fly. With several plum flower vase mouth and primrose, delicate and charming be about to drip, meaning auspicious well-being. Meters high, the whole elephant meters long, stout leg like pillars, long trunk micro volume, on the nose with a slightly smaller white porcelain, slightly oblique, make this elephant appears vivid, humorous. Darting before and after the elephant, still have a few butterflies in the flowers. In the flower set off, connect body to show the whole elephant a blue and white porcelain elegant and unique flavor. After rendering, wanting more see the reporter, Zhang Jinjun said the material will better than pictures. This set of porcelain lamp time-consuming work, need to use some thousand pieces of plate, plate, bowl, cup, spoon, cup, such as porcelain, more than a dozen workers have to continuous dry ErSanShiTian to complete, finished product will not let you down. Picasso ideas on stainless steel more than sotheby's in London
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