White wine collection steady rise: the contradiction between supply and demand of high-end wine will exist for a long time

by:Xianke     2020-07-15

in liquor consumption present diversified characteristics, among them, the collection of consumption is very good market development field in recent years. China liquor in liquor branch deputy secretary-general, wine master shu-yu song use the word 'busy' to describe the liquor market in recent years, 'especially high-end liquor are increasingly being recognized by consumers. 'White wine collection focus on high-end wine from the collection in terms of the consumption hot collection, still focused on a line of fine wines, including the famous vintage, limited wine and wine companies in case of major events, or to the country's important events, major events and famous commemorative wine and so on are all collectors chasing hot spots, and even the high-end liquor in the normal market consumption, there are some consumers buy collection. To become the standard grade liquor, the first good wine, second to exquisite packaging. Consumers shu-yu song said, keen to white wine collection, investment liquor is mainly used for the purpose of the collection, there are very few to consumption. 'Perhaps they may years after collection of liquor, and on special occasions or take out special activities will be consumed. 'In addition to love for the Chinese liquor and preferences, and some consumer collection is the purpose of the liquor for investment. Because the liquor affected by internal and external factors in nearly two years of turbulence or adjust, collectors generally feel now liquor price is more appropriate, bought the collection can also have the effect of the investment. Plus some limited edition launched liquor, planning and promotion, the auction market based on the collection types of extension and the connotation of digging the launch the auction featuring a number of famous liquor in China, but also make the liquor collect the heat of the consumer market to heat up, triggering more consumer attention. The contradiction between supply and demand of high-end wine will exist in the industry for a long time, said so far this year heat collection of high-end liquor market is very high, and thus led to local wine collection market and consumer demand. In addition to the auction market, some financial institutions have also gradually into the white wine collection field. Beijing golden waistcoat property, for example, Internet trading company in the domestic first high-end liquor products trade, exchange of yibin liquor mainly sell commodity base and so on. It is understood that the domestic existing trading center in operation about a dozen liquor liquor investment business. Their business direction, usually will face the financial investment group limited wine or financial investment institutions for collection and investment. 'For now, the wine trading center in product and business are more successful, many famous Chinese liquors, local wine into the trading platform for product launches, investment collection. 'Shu-yu song said that the whole, liquor consumption is collection is like by more and more consumers. After all, the culture of the Chinese liquor bearing, the wine, the story behind the packaging with the elements, to shore up the liquor collection value; What's more, Chinese liquor is suitable for long-term storage, non-perishable, proper storage conditions would not lead to cannot drink after so many years. Special attribute these characteristics are highly liquor, the product itself to have the collection of properties. And from the perspective of supply and demand, high-end wine belongs to the scarce resources. Under production conditions, storage conditions and other factors, the production of high-end liquor in the short term will not moderate, only about % of the overall domestic liquor yield, and the proportion in a few years or even more than ten years there will not be magnified. Shu-yu song thinks, with the improvement of people's living standard, the demand for high-end liquor will be rising, so the market of the contradiction between supply and demand will exist for a long time, and the contradiction between supply and demand is also precisely determine the liquor collecting consumer market exists for a long time. Check sample bottle, wine stopper, quality wine that teach you how to choose the wine in the restaurant
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