when it comes to wine glasses, size and shape matter

by:Xianke     2020-06-25
A new set of cameras
The shape of the glass designed by Japanese scientists suggests that, as wine snobs have always told us, the shape of the glass affects the flavor of the wine.
In a recent study, Kohji Mitsubayashi of the University of Medicine and Dentistry in Tokyo and his colleagues were on wine --
Fill the glass with a mesh soaked with alcohol oxide, an enzyme that converts alcohol and oxygen into aldehyde and hydrogen peroxide.
In addition, the sunflower peroxide and Lumino are added, an exciting chemical that turns blood into blue at the crime scene.
All in all, these substances produce color changes to hydrogen peroxide.
All these chemical interactions enable the camera to gaze down at the mesh
Cover the glass, draw the concentration distribution of ethanol steam rising from the surface of the wine glass.
What the Japanese are actually doing is taking pictures of the bouquet of wine.
Why should we care about wine?
A quick lesson: most wines contain the spirit of 10 to 15% ethanol-
Make Wine a welcome addition to the boost alcohol for the party.
However, it is not ethanol, it gives the wine a complex aroma and flavor.
In fact, according to food scientist Harold McKee, alcohol can actually get in the way when it comes to taste and smell.
First of all, alcohol is sharp, stimulating and stimulating for the nose and mouth.
Bartenders point out that alcoholic beverages are often found to be more delicious and fragrant.
McGee explained that alcohol actually captures aroma: aroma molecules tend to attach to alcohol molecules due to chemical similarity, meaning that the higher the alcohol content of a drink, the less aroma molecules are released to drinkersimportant nose.
For this reason, high
Alcoholic wines are often described as \"hot\" and unbalanced because of the invasive (
Although generally ideal)
The ingredients of alcohol can drown out the taste and fragrance.
Alcohol can also aggravate the bitter taste and inhibit the fruity and floral flavor of the wine --
Such a rich drinking experience.
One solution to this problem is to splash water, which may work, although it sounds wrong, as it has recently been on the Kitchn blog.
For those who value every drop of undiluted ethanol, another way is to drink wine from the right glass.
Given the right temperature and the right glass, say, 55 (13oC)and a deep-
Bodeaux\'s Japanese camera image shows that there is a neat ethanol steam doughnut around the edge of the wine glass, and the alcohol concentration in the center of the glass is reduced.
This airless doughnut and hole represents the ideal intersection of physics, chemistry and geometry.
A sip from such glass can provide the maximum dose of flavor and aroma molecules with minimal volatile alcohol interference.
On the other hand, the wrong glass does not provide this kind of thing.
When researchers test red wine in a martini Cup or high-ball Cup, the alcohol vapor gathers in chaos on the entire surface of the glass, which is used to supply Scotch whisky on the rock, A swamp of aroma and flavor. out.
So what does that mean for those of us who have 18 different types of wine glasses filled with cabinets? Or, God bless, they already know how to sip chardonnay from paper cups
Before getting more results from the Japanese, wine experts did provide some general rules of thumb, although their views were different.
Wine glasses with stems are better as this prevents your hands from accidentally heating the wine. (
On the other hand, there are many cups that are not fragile. )
Clear glass is better than colored or etched glass because it allows drinkers to appreciate their wines better.
Large bowls often allow better ventilation of the wine, which in turn releases more aroma and flavor.
As for those who are intimidated by more than a dozen or more kinds of wine glasses, the wine silly blog boils them down to a bare necessity: a set of wine glasses, almost everything has enough use, as well as a set of champagne flutes for anniversaries, birthdays, various celebrations, and New Year\'s Eve.
If you are going for a picnic, the wine in the Paper Cup may not be technically ideal, but the taste is good.
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