What's the stainless steel cold dish is to use craft?

by:Xianke     2020-05-22
Stainless steel cold dish with drawing, laser welding technology, a integrated, smooth surface, solved the problem of the hit hard in the process of machining, anti-corrosion selected first-class raw materials 304 plate. Applicable to the squid ship, aquatic product processing factory and other places, applicable temperature: 40 degrees to 60 degrees below zero. Stainless steel cold dish is made of high quality stainless steel, beautiful appearance, can be customized dimension according to the customer request processing, widely is suitable for use in food, meat, aquatic products, frozen frozen stainless steel plate production process: 1, the whole stainless steel, unique along the seam welding hollow triangle. 2, and the plate body without crack, without health dead Angle, reduce residual bacteria. Welcome you the presence! Please baidu: frozen plate, stainless steel instruments, the stainless steel ice bucket
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