war on waste: sa coffee chain launches coffee cup recycling program

by:Xianke     2020-06-18
One of Adelaide\'s largest coffee chains has launched a new project to encourage customers to recycle their coffee cups.
Previously, another large coffee retailer banned the use of reusable coffee cups.
Including its own brand container
In more than 130 stores.
CIBO Espresso customers can now bring their take-out cups back and recycle them in red tubes.
While CIBO encourages customers to introduce reusable cups through loyalty programs, CIBO general manager Kane Cook is not everyone who knows that take-away coffee cups cannot be recycled.
The Cup will be taken to New South Wales and simply make the Cup into other products including reusable coffee cups.
Cook said that the factories could not be processed in Adelaide, but with the participation of his company, he hoped that the critical mass of the establishment of the factory in South Australia would soon be realized.
CIBO has 30 stores around Adelaide and sells about 18,000 cups of coffee a day.
\"We launched the program to find a solution for the CIBO, but it also said there was a solution and other cafes could join in,\" he said, the project was launched today at Rundle Mall with clear cubes to fit into the cup.
It looks like a disposable coffee cup made of paper actually contains plastic that does not break down and is harmful to the environment.
Probably the second cup of coffee.
In addition to plastic bottles, the biggest contributor to garbage.
It is estimated that Australia uses 1 billion disposable coffee cups per year.
The lid cannot be recycled either.
Last month, one of the other largest takeout coffee retailers in South Australia banned the supply of coffee in reusable cups and mugs --
Including its own brand container
More than 130 stores across the state.
The service station chain said in a document distributed by its staff that the policy was introduced for safety reasons, citing the risk of contamination caused by refillable containers.
\"There are many customers with dirty, unsanitary, contaminated cups,\" a spokesman said \".
\"We are aware that there are other more common potential health risks as we put coffee into the cup, and we cannot guarantee that these risks are clean and ready to use,\" the spokesperson said . \".
\"Some people are particularly sensitive to this risk, and they are also our customers.
It is difficult for us to accommodate washing cups.
\"Richard Fine, who founded the packaging company BioPak in 2006, said that the packaging cups are better than collecting old ones through systems like CIBO.
However, only six Adelaide councils accept them in their paper recycling bins, and consumers are often confused about how to deal with them.
\"Compostable is the ideal way,\" says Mr Fine.
His next goal is for Parliament to install bins for rotatable things like his cups and food scraps.
Adelaide City Council runs 12-
The monthly grant program, which started in last May, aims to encourage Adelaide CBD cafes to switch to compostable cups.
The offer can also be accepted at cafes near King William, Flinders and glendfair Street and göller Square, encouraging customers to bring their own cups.
Maria Zotti, deputy director of sustainability agency, said 14 of the 27 eligible businesses in the region attended the meeting, but only 3 agreed to use 100 of the compost cups.
Council supports the initiative of CIBO cafe to reduce single waste
\"Using packaging will also help reduce carbon emissions from landfill,\" Zotti said . \" MS.
Members will vote next week to decide whether to ban most singles.
Use plastic straws in Adelaide Park, City Square and Parliament-managed events.
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