war on waste: adelaide cbd cafes offered rebates to discourage disposable coffee cups

by:Xianke     2020-06-20
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Some Adelaide CBD cafes offer discounts so they can encourage customers to bring their own cups and reduce the disposable coffee cups that are ultimately wasted.
The Adelaide City Council said the offer could also be accepted by the cafe to provide customers with compost-ready takeaways and lids.
Senator Sandy Verschoor first proposed the \"war on waste\" project to help solve the problem of garbage generated by takeout coffee.
\"Most cafes welcome customers who bring their own reusable cups, and more cafes offer discounts to customers,\" she said . \".
\"The test will test the incentive --
Encourage basic payments for sustainable business practices in pilot areas, including cafes that offer discounts for reusable cups.
\"Cafe that meets the requirements-
There must be off-site rewards near King William, Flinders and Grenfell Street and göller square.
\"In the city bin, coffee cups make up a large part of the waste,\" the city councillor said . \".
\"Due to the thin plastic lining and the possibility that residual liquids can be recycled by the soil, there is currently confusion about whether these cups can be recycled.
\"So most people end up being garbage bins or garbage.
\"Businesses that offer discounts to customers who bring their own cups will be eligible for payment of $200 from the Council.
Those who move to compost cups can be paid $500, and cafes that have already provided compost cups can get $200 once --
Just to further improve their practices.
The commission said that this means that businesses that offer customer discounts and prepackable cups may be eligible for a total payment of $700.
Member Verschoor said that the project will initially last until next May and the Council will get feedback on pilots from participating cafes.
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