vietnamese inspired cocktails

by:Xianke     2020-06-29
It is of course fun to taste Vietnamese in a cocktail Cup cocktail, because when you think of Vietnamese flavor, you will think of grapefruit juice, lemon grass and fish sauce.
Can you make cocktails with these ingredients?
The answer is yes!
If you don\'t like to combine these flavors in your cocktail Cup, don\'t worry that cucumbers, citrus and ginger are also other Vietnamese flavors, and you can also combine them to make cocktails.
So, whether you\'re Oriental or Western, we can start the Vietnam tour with a cocktail Cup. . . . . .
For something very strange and absolutely different, it is a cocktail called Happy Vietnam. Vietnam happy 60ml vodka15ml cointreau30ml grapefruit juice 15 ml amarett add grapefruit juice and amarito to the wine mixer, add ice cubes and shake well until all the liquid is cooled.
Apply lime to the cocktail cup and dip in cinnamon.
Pour the liquid into the cocktail cup and float half a teaspoon of fish sauce on top of the cocktail.
Ginger and lime are the other two flavors associated with Vietnam, they combine very well in cocktails called Ginger Kaffir lime.
To make this cocktail, you first need to prepare some ginger syrup, ginger syrup, make a cup of ginger syrup, you need 1/2 glass of water, 1 cup of organic sugar, 1 cup of peeled, thin-
Slice ginger chili sauce 1 tablespoon, mix sugar, water and sliced ginger chili sauce in the pan with medium fire.
Heat until the mixture is reduced to 1 cup or looks like a thick maple tree
Consistency of syrup
Add the ground ginger to the syrup and store it in a closed container.
Refrigerate until used.
Back in the cockpit now.
Kefir Limeade1 round neck limessugar\'s ginger syrup (
See the recipe above)
Cointreau2 oz kaffir lime vodkaRub place a piece of lime along the lip of the tumbler and immerse the edge in sugar.
Before filling the tumbler with ice, juice the lime first.
Add lime juice, ginger syrup, alcohol and vodka to the ice mixer and shake well.
Pour the drink into the glass and decorate it with a lime wedge.
In a bartender competition using Vietnamese flavors of lemon grass, grapefruit juice and fish sauce, another interesting cocktail was invented as an invisible fish.
The name of this cocktail comes from the fact that even if the fish sauce is there, you will not actually taste the fish sauce.
Invisible Fish 5 slices of lemon grass 5 ml egg white25 ml grapefruit juice 50 ml lime juice 40 ml rum10 ml sugar syrup fish pan at the bottom of the wine mixer, you need to put, lemon juice with pomello juice and dipped together.
Continue to stir, then add syrup and shake well.
Put in a cocktail cup and add a drop of fish sauce to the top.
This cocktail uses fish sauce, but you won\'t really taste grapefruit and lemon grass.
This is like Vietnamese cuisine, however, the addition of fish sauce is to make the dish popular rather than excessive force, and it has the same effect in this cocktail.
There are several different versions of cucumber martini, but the taste is really Vietnamese.
30 ml Pearl sake15 Gold Cup sugar cup cucumber water pour the ingredients into the ice-filled cocktail shaker, shake well and put them into the cocktail Cup.
Don\'t know how to make cucumber water?
Place the cucumber on a metal filter and add a teaspoon of salt to let the juice out. Vietnamese Non-
Alcoholic cocktail if you want to add Vietnamese flavor to your cup but you don\'t want any alcohol then don\'t worry
Alcoholicrecipe for you to try.
Smoothie1/2 large mature mangoes in Vietnam, peeled, de-core, cut into chunks1/2 small mature papaya, peeled and cut into chunks1/4 cups of sweet condensed milk 2 cups of rock sugar 1 tablespoon of sugar, put all the ingredients except sugar into the blenderand pulse until the drinks get good again
Stir in the sugar for tasting.
The frequent use of sweet condensed milk, Vietnamese coffee and even the combination of tropical fruit in Vietnam is very refreshing (and sweet)
Vietnamese drinks.
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