vancouver considering ban on disposable coffee cups, plastic bags

by:Xianke     2020-06-18
Staff in downtown Vancouver are looking at possible ways to reduce the number of coffee cups, plastic bags and polystyrene food packages that often appear in the city\'s garbage.
Options on the table include prohibition of use, deposit or charge, and forced recycling or removal
Support the project according to an employee report.
Albert Shams, director of waste management and resource recovery in the city, said these single
More and more items are being used in public trash cans in the city.
\"When we did the survey, a lot of things came down to fast food packaging, coffee cups and plastic bags,\" Shamess told B . \"C.
Yearbook host Michelle Elliott
\"They are difficult to deal with in the public domain and in terms of recycling.
\"A report submitted to the city council on February.
3 The Council is required to instruct city staff to study and report on possible regulations to address the issue of \"distribution, use and recycling of commonly used disposed items designed for a single use.
\"The materials can currently be recycled through roadside residential recycling plans or warehouses or retailers themselves, the report said.
\"Nevertheless, a significant amount of these materials is being processed in the city\'s garbage and garbage collection plans, if possible, to reduce the distribution at the point of sale, from the point of view of waste management and environmental protection, this is better.
\"People who are cautious about Banshee say the staff would like to discuss the issue with a variety of stakeholders and people who produce the material,\" rather than just having the municipality enforce the ban, which could
\"Previously, when similar measures were proposed, there were concerns about the impact of banning plastic bags on low-income people.
He noted that income and homeless communities, some of whom use their luggage every day.
\"We want to make sure that what we do can bring some long-term sustainable benefits.
\"The report also recommends raising the maximum fine for illegal dumping from $2,000 to $10,000.
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