Use stainless steel ice bucket should pay attention to matters

by:Xianke     2020-05-28
Stainless steel ice bucket to use for the first time, please use detergent to clean clean with the water that clean out rice after a while, and dry; Keep the product dry is beneficial to use clean for a long time, in the normal use of what are the things we need to pay attention to the more: 1, after use, pay attention to clean, then put to dry in the shade; Products use, please avoid collision or a strong shock caused by the deformation, affect use and beautiful. 2, cannot be used in microwave ovens heat disinfection equipment, do not wipe the surface with iron ball and other hard objects, so as not to affect the product and beautiful. 3, stainless steel ice bucket to add ice and water, not only on the rocks; When there is ice with water, ice is melting faster, and thus can more quickly to absorb heat from the wine; If you want to further speed up the frozen, can add a few tablespoons of salt into ice water, because salt can reduce the freezing point of water, ice melting faster. A: avoid the tips of a stainless steel ice bucket appear black spots: see the galvanizing lines on the surface of the ice bucket with stainless steel ice bucket
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