Urumqi residents collect bottles expert appraisal one hundred and fifty thousand

by:Xianke     2020-07-14
In urumqi collectors ya-min zhang's eyes, her collection of a 'wine' bottle as beautiful and graceful lady. Ya-min zhang xiangyang village home in urumqi alkaline spring street, reporter saw this he appears as baby bottles. Ya-min zhang collection of how the bottle and all common bottle differ so big? 'In fact, this is a qing dynasty old porcelain, called okho spring bottle, in ancient times the original role is wine. Ya-min zhang says, 'okho spring bottle also called okho spring pot, is the net bottle has evolved in the temple, in tang dynasty to the northern song dynasty period, become a kind of practical appliance of wine, the display of the appreciation of the later evolved into the porcelain, is a typical representative of ancient Chinese porcelain. The name 'okho spring originally appeared in the tang dynasty, history have the words of the heating to prostitution. For the meaning of this word in ancient China is to buy wine. Now after a long time of evolution, the meaning has changed, and a little bit indecent, but as early as the tang dynasty tion 'the twenty-four grades,' wrote 'okho for sex, enjoy the rain hut ', is a very elegant. 'Ya-min zhang charting the historical background to their collections. This year at the age of ya-min zhang is tianjin to engaged in the business of mineral, is also an old porcelain enthusiasts, since the beginning of the year, he has successively from the auction and antique market collect hundreds pieces collection, this okho spring bottle is its spend years from Beijing auction. Ten thousand yuan. In the eyes of ya-min zhang, each pieces is to have vitality, is an epitome of the history. 'Before the old porcelain are wood fire, and by a very experienced teacher with the naked eye observation of flame temperature, control the temperature. Porcelain decorative above should also is a work of art, are made by artists hand-painted, unlike now is machine batch production. '' this is a qing dynasty xuantong emperor kuan, full name pastel flower butterfly tattoo okho spring bottle. At present, the qing dynasty xuantong emperor in the auction market of China more expensive than other times. 'According to the current collection of the market and the auction record,' my treasure 'experts gave a name to this collection appraisal ten thousand yuan. Xinjiang production and construction corps man obsessed with the bottle collection has reached thousands of kinds
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