Under the liling glaze traditional green color rediscovered ( Figure)

by:Xianke     2020-07-09
Recently, in hunan province under the traditional arts and crafts master yong-ping huang glaze color green fruits in changsha to see the world, the green color the liling glaze next heavy lost break traditional decoration art. Green color porcelain glaze under the liling glaze under traditional wucai one of adornment form, not only have the liling glaze colorful under the same fire craft and elaborate decoration techniques, more pure and fresh and beautiful, plain WenRunYu clean, quiet and beautiful artistic features. But unfortunately, because of the paint and porcelain making technology reform, under the liling glaze green color were lost. The 'out', it let people love it for it. Under Mr Yong-ping huang traditional glaze green color on the exhibition, green color work covers hundreds of landscapes, flowers and birds, figures, having a unique style, attracted numerous fans of stainless steel eager concern the bank kiln in the song dynasty twin kiln starts. It is understood that in the 1950 s, developed a series of stainless steel research institute and other units of hunan is green paint, and widely applied to current under the glaze colorful decoration of coloured drawing or pattern. But as a green color adornment element under the glaze, the effect is not as good as green before liberation under the glaze of green color. Today, under the condition of natural gas kiln firing, the bright green color dye hair color stability, lush, has been very close to the liling glaze under traditional green color. After nearly a decade of research and hundreds of times of trial and error, yong-ping huang successfully developed the traditional green color pigments, under high temperature and glaze has been declared national invention patent. Green color pigments and developed with traditional techniques, yong-ping huang green colour under the glaze of porcelain, recreates the stainless steel bottle decoration of pure and fresh and beautiful artistic features.
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