totally harmless: reading coffee cups on freud\'s couch in tehran.

by:Xianke     2020-06-22
In these three newspaper columns, an Iranian political satirist envisions government hacking, the state of relations between Iran and the United States, and the position of social media --
Citizen participation.
The situation in this country is so good that you suddenly feel like you are hurting the country.
No matter who coffee cup you read in your daily column, the editorial board and publishers of the newspaper have to rinse it out to prevent the situation from getting worse in the country.
So to avoid offending anyone or anything, we will look at two situations at the same time, one is relevant and the other is irrelevant.
About what people are thinking when someone takes the garbage to the bin in the corner of the alley, he wants to know if his garbage is guilty if it happens to catch fire like the night before.
He doubted whether his crime was obvious.
He wondered if it was a violation of public order.
He wondered if he would point his finger at him in tomorrow\'s news, with a red line hanging on his face.
Then he replied, \"How do we know?
\"When someone turns on his lights on the street, he thinks he\'s in the middle of a soft revolution.
When someone is going to call out the window at 10m.
In order for his children to stop playing in the alley and buy soda, he wanted to know if he had participated in a civil protest.
When someone blew a balloon for his child\'s birthday party, the balloon happened to be green and he wanted to know if he was fighting the country.
When someone calls a foreigner
He wanted to know if he was interfering with national security and his headquarters was on Persian television to ask for pop songs.
So the country is in such a good position that people are freed from \"espionage phobia\" and feel that they are engaged in espionage for Britain and the United States (
Recently for the Germans.
Regarding some of your moral lessons in your phone conversation, it is recommended that you make the following comments: \"Dear brothers! Good job!
\"Wait, gentlemen, I\'m just going to get some water and come back in a minute.
\"Brothers, excuse me. do you have time?
\"Bro, it will be a long conversation and hopefully we won\'t have much inconvenience.
\"Brothers, please don\'t listen for the time being.
This is a private thing. \"\"Sirs!
You are the judge.
Who\'s here? Me or myfriend? \"\"Brothers!
Please note now.
We will announce the course of the protest!
\"Brother, since you won\'t be charged for long distance, can you call Mr.
Ask what is the plan for tomorrow?
\"Brother, I\'m going to sleep.
I am setting up my phone alert for the early morning.
Don\'t jump from your sleep.
\"Brother, I\'m going to take medicine at 12.
If I forget when I\'m on a phone call with a friend, can you remind me?
\"Brother, cover your mouth at least when you cough.
\"Brothers, it was a pleasure to be with you. Tilltomorrow!
\"There is no conclusion in this article as to the conclusion.
Please stop fiddling with your receiver.
Edit note: From Etemad-
On July 15, 2009, the column \"reading coffee cups\" in e Melli newspaper.
Today, in order to help the progress of society, we offer you the most important means of citizen participation.
People have been doing anything on the Internet for a while.
They get happy, they get sad, they keep liking others, they fall in love, they ask for help from others, they get married.
They just haven\'t downloaded the baby online yet.
So before things get more complicated, today we share the following recipes with you in the hope of changing your taste.
Cooking Instructions: First, turn on your desktop or laptop and wait for it to start.
Dear, keep in mind that if your Windows is bugged, your computer loads a lot longer than your dear friends who use aMac.
This is no problem at all.
On the other hand, it is not easy to use antivirus software on Macs.
After the computer is loaded, you can enter any site, such 【. . . ]News Agency.
When you log in [. . . ]
Social networks, first you explain what you ate for lunch, what you wore, and where you were invited tonight.
Then you uploaded the picture of last night.
Of course, after cutting out everyone else in the picture).
All of this is routine and natural so far.
However, once you become part of the web, it is possible for you to discover one side of your own poetry, mystery, or philosophy.
In this case, you immediately upload a poem for your status;
Or share your extraordinary wow and a picture of the auspicious events involved;
If your philosophical aspect is already inflated, or provide some philosophical text.
At this point in time, you may hear something very good or very bad or very normal.
News can be the earthquake, the flood, the firewood, the drying of the Lake of Ermi, the Palestinian explosion, the fall of Russia\'s amétoolin, the joy after the goal of the Persian Polis football player, iran\'s national football team qualified for the World Cup in Brazil.
Remember, the bigger the news, the more horrible the better.
When you understand the crisis, you can work with your index finger right away.
You have gone through the pages of pros and cons, critics, sympath, followers, friends, enemies, and others.
You move your beloved fingers like. That\'s it.
Your food is ready. Well . . .
Your social engagement is over. Good job.
Now, get your fingers ready for nextevent.
Editor\'s note: \"Completely harmless\" column from Shargh newspaper 1710,4 months 18.
Relationship with the United States, type has nothing to do with: in this case, Iran has nothing to do with the United States and vice versa.
Neighboring countries: in this case, Iran has nothing to do with the United States, but the United States is relieved by having a house nearby.
Just friends: there is a conflict between Iran and the United States in this case, but they don\'t seem to have it.
It means they are friends, but they are just friends.
In this case, communication and disagreement are not strong.
Childhood friends: In this case, the two have always been neighbors and even played doctors together in the process of growing up, but now they have grown up and know that those days have passed.
Indirect relations: In this case, Iran and the United States are indirectly linked, and people act as connecting lines between them.
Direct relationship: In this case, the parties start to engage, but others nearby make fun of them and start to complain.
Telephone relationship: In this case, the parties are just friends, but they have something on the phone.
Logical relationship: In this case, both sides want to establish a kind of platonic relationship, but history has proved that no relationship is in the end.
Serious relationship: In this case, the parties plan to get married. So-
Relationship: In this case, the relationship isso.
The relationship between oil and water: in this case, the parties are like oil and water, not mixed, not mixed, but mixed. . .
Don\'t worry about mixing oil and water in your car engine. . . Long-
Distance relationship: In this case, the two sides are far apart and nothing has happened.
Once a week, however, they get together through new technologies such as Viber or Skype.
Networking: in this case, there is far from anything to say between the parties, but they don\'t mind communicating with each other ---
Turn on their webcam.
The light of each other\'s life: in this case, each other is the light of each other\'s life, but these lights have long been extinguished.
Editor\'s note: \"Completely harmless\" column from Shargh newspaper 1847,10 months 2.
Tehran peh Missaghi, editor of Adam Seth, translated the Tehran translation of Persian to the three questions of the translation of intercultural humor by Poupeh MissaghiQ is particularly challenging.
What difficulties did you encounter in translating these newspaper columns? How do you solve these difficulties?
The game of translating language and writing is a major challenge.
For example, Pouria suggested a form of relationship (in theUS-Iranrelations)
Based on Persian proverbs
This proverb can be translated into meaning, but it loses its word game and the entry will become meaningless.
If the proverb is translated literally, then it does not convey the meaning of it.
We discussed it and finally deleted that entry.
Other questions are sentences with literary and cultural references that English readers do not know.
I translate them to focus instead of using references, which is pointless for most English readers.
Q: The New York Times quoted myrgangana as saying: \"I think humor will be successfully expressed when the translator is laughing.
\"What did PouriaAlami write to make you laugh?
A black humor that brings stupidity and absurdity to political and related social issues.
However, I am not entirely sure whether my smile on these texts means that American readers will laugh as well;
So before finalizing the selection of the text, I discussed this with Adam (
Editing of pieces)
Look at him, a person who is not familiar with culture and language, what it feels like to them.
Q: Is it possible to fully convey the humor in the original text, or is something missing in the translation?
A. I think choosing works, the work we choose to do, plays an important role in the success of these translations.
Removing some of the elements in the original text in the translation, or re-creating them, may be inevitable, as in any form of translation, but I feel that the English reader will still feel humorous, the intention of the author is still realized.
Pouria Alami is an ironic writer who entered the world of journalists at the age of seventeen.
He published four books.
Iran\'s Islamic Ministry of Culture and Guidance declined to publish five other books.
For the past six years, he has been writing daily political satire columns for various reformist newspapers, except for 30-
He spent one day in prison in Evin alone last year.
Now he is released on bail, waiting for trial, and writing \"completely harmless\" pay for Shargh.
His most popular column is reading coffee cups.
E. Melli, the \"sofa\" of Etemad, is now \"completely harmless.
Poupeh Missaghi is a writer and translator.
She is a PhD candidate for creative writing at the University of Denver.
Adam Seth is a writer and editor.
He is a PhD candidate at the University of Denver.
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