To have a passion for stainless steel wine knocking on strangers of the house

by:Xianke     2020-07-15

a lot of collector are met such things: when you meet the beloved collection or for their didn't bring enough money, or because of indecision and collection missed and later regret. Liu Huailiu understand collection should hold the opportunity of the rich collection every time, in his years stainless steel wine collection, the right of the collection will often 'do not abandon, don't give up', there are many wine boutique is therefore to come. Liu Huailiu once to colleagues home visits, accidentally see colleagues through the window the windowsill is putting in the neighborhood of a wine bottle. Look carefully, is a tianjin okho spring bottle, do manual work is delicate, deep crimson glaze tire body painted above two olive white deer, stainless steel is fine wine. Although Liu Huailiu a glance like this wine, but with each other, never meet, had to bite the bullet. From colleagues home leave after the okho spring bottle image in Liu Huailiu mind more and more clear. 'This wine is not in my collection, if you can have it, my spring liquor and wine studio can be more wonderful, why don't you try to beg for it to the family? 'So, is close to the door Liu Huailiu to double the original way back. The door to the family, Liu Huailiu hesitate again, although his affection for wine that is quite, but did not meet with each other, mouth, begging for a really difficult. 'The situation, it is in the mind. Downstairs returned several times, several times raised his hand to knock at the door and put down, the heart after some struggle, I said to myself: 'miss this wine, may never meet again, to love wine, put the face side first! '' knock on door, was a big. 'Elder sister hello, I see your home window sill have a bottle, can you give me? I take money to buy. 'Love eager bottle Liu Huailiu cut to the chase, also openly expressed his intentions to the master. Big but made difficult: 'ouch, that bottle look good, my wife to make it in windowsill adornment to use, also is not good to the person. 'Hear this, Liu Huailiu cold half in my heart, but he didn't just give up, and hold a glimmer of hope and asked,' spare the bottle, the trouble you have me as long as one can. '' why do you want this bottle? 'In the face of this sudden by bottles of the intruder, big also is very curious. 'Hey, I say with you Ming, I love to collect bottles, there have been thousands of now. 'Liu Huailiu quickly reply. A talk down, Liu Huailiu and strangeness between the big gradually disappear, stood at the door pulled the homely. In the end, the big saw this strange visitors so fond of wine, then gave the bottle to Liu Huailiu. 'Collection, especially the public collection, there is a need to have the quality is' face down to face, not because the face embarrassed to ask for, it is likely to miss out on these favorite collection, the loss of that time much more than the cheek for National People's Congress. 'Liu Huailiu said. And one more wine, is also under the unremitting efforts of Liu Huailiu obtained from a friend. 'My friend had a four two blue and white landscape pattern of the wooden stick a pot, and put the bottle on the cellophane wine sign of down, can be said to be an excellent craft beautiful bottle. 'Take a fancy to this beautiful bottle Liu Huailiu ask friends for, but a friend also like this bottle, did not answer. 'Friends thought I was just asking her for the bottle on a whim, reach after the novelty must soon passed, she was afraid of wasted such a beautiful bottle. 'Despite being friends declined, but Liu Huailiu didn't lose heart. Since friends love endures bottle is not afraid of him, that he gave his determination to focus on wine collection. After two years, Liu Huailiu has repeatedly to meet friends, every time meet fatal after he mentioned that the bottle. Is it's dogged that does it all over the world, two years insist finally moved by the friend, let her recognition Liu Huailiu love of wine collection, so that the bottle with him. Got two years he preferred collection, one can imagine the Liu Huailiu delight, he has to make a poem, to commemorate this hard-won wine: 'jiao wrong with dress JiuJiang, blue and white renowned ancient porcelain. Distinctions observed two years beginning, bow to cheng trepidation. 'Bouquet of stainless steel bottle wuling beautiful words
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