Tips to avoid stainless steel ice bucket appear black spots

by:Xianke     2020-05-22
In the face of the market demand for stainless steel ice bucket, some manufacturers in order to reduce costs, in the raw material quality is not qualified to join in production, cause we are easy to get the quality when buy counterfeit products, the consequences is edible black dot, after that we what measures to take to prevent this kind of phenomenon, we learn more about below: as the prices of raw materials, stainless steel alloy coating on the market as the stainless steel. The fake of the surface of the stainless steel ice bucket beautiful but after years of use would be a small black spots, but the real surface of the stainless steel ice bucket is very bright, there is a kind of give a person the sense of passivation. Then there is the diversity of stainless steel, from the point of stainless steel grades, the higher grades, physical properties and corrosion resistance, the better, the price will be much higher. Many manufacturers in order to earn more profit by low cost low grades of stainless steel, and these low grades of stainless steel with chromium, nickel and other metal elements is also less, which directly affect the corrosion resistance. We are using every day after finishing cleaning detergent, accumulate over a long period will destroy the surface of steel structure, these will rust has been destroyed. But these little black dot structure is very loose, hides a lot of bacteria and viruses, the stainless steel ice bucket is difficult to clean, so the harm to human body health. So we want to avoid the surface of the ice bucket will appear black spots went up from root to solve this problem, will choose the best quality on the production of raw materials, production process must be careful. Skilled ice bucket on a: the safety of the operation, to ensure that the zero error under a: use stainless steel ice bucket should pay attention to matters of stainless steel ice bucket
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