this is why your moscow mules can\'t be served in iowa in a solid copper mug

by:Xianke     2020-07-02
Do you like Moscow mules?
Iowans will have to start drinking them as well as other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
There is no alcoholic drink with a solid copper cup.
In a news announcement last week, the Iowa Alcohol and Beverage Department announced that the state has passed federal FDA regulations that \"prohibit direct contact between copper and foods with a pH value of less than 6. 0.
\"High concentrations of copper are toxic and cause food poisoning.
Follow Des Moines registration on Facebook | download Des Moines registration. The pH value of traditional Moscow Mules is much lower than 6.
This means that copper cups with copper inside cannot be used, the announcement said.
Other drinks under a 6.
Read juice, vinegar and wine.
\"However, copper cups lined with another metal (such as nickel or stainless steel) inside are allowed to be used and can be used widely,\" the announcement said . \". Go to dia. iowa.
Please visit gov for more information.
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