The yuan dynasty porcelain ink book reflects appellation culture ( Mention) Stainless steel wine

by:Xianke     2020-07-10

the unearthed porcelain of yuan dynasty specimens, some of the words of the book with ink. These ink book writing contents include name, title, pavilion, stores, target language, design, and eight thought wen, eight thought wen added, writing of Chinese characters, the nickname, and so on. Nickname class names of ink book, with its unique content, memorable! The northern region of China, especially in Inner Mongolia JiNing road, YanJiaLiang site unearthed large number of books of this kind of person names, nicknames class porcelain ink specimens, for us to systematically study the yuan dynasty social appellation culture and interpret their meaning accurately, provided the precious material. These unearthed seems content with nickname character name appellation ink book: 'Chen the slave' ( Figure) , 'the sun' ( Figure) , 'donkey' ( Figure) , 'lee black donkey', 'primm donkey' ( JiNing road site) And 'barbarian', 'liu black cattle', 'ming-an zhang clicking either good or bad' ( Figure) And so on. According to the appellation culture they judged the yuan, with a 'slave', 'donkey' name appellation, such as using common at the time. Some researchers think these with a 'donkey', 'slave', 'or' ink book title China yuan period is the host of Mongol and semu people, these names are the low status of the han nationality scholar to them with contempt for the meaning of the name appellation. The author through a careful study of the specimens, and combined with the history of yuan dynasty, yuan drama and appellation culture research, think the argument is not correct, they don't have any contempt of meaning, just is the most common and use common names and nicknames. Owners themselves or people with such words of his own name, please openly implements, written in everyday use, haryana, in emotion to reason are also explained. Further study found that those with a 'donkey', the word 'slave' the person's name, the appellation of the object, quite a number of possible is han not usually considered all the Mongol and semu and other ethnic minorities. Gao hua Chen in appellation customs of the theory of the yuan dynasty, points out that lower level people of yuan dynasty, named the child, first class is animals called nickname, such as 'donkey', 'the little donkey', 'hundred donkey', 'bad ass' and so on. With animals as the nickname, it is easy to support hope children. And a lot of people in lower level people, adulthood, still continue to use a nickname, no name. Such as the history of the yuan, liu dark horse 'recorded in the han descent west general liu dark horse. Black father liu Liu Bolin, gold for weining fangcheng object at the end of gold force flexion and drop in the war, by genghis khan reuse, in war, contributions more real. His son was born, a white horse in the home to produce black, because of 'dark horse' as the nickname, from this dark horse's name is liu got around, no one told him to large. This let us easier to understand the article, 'lee black donkey', 'liu black cattle' the origin of the name and the use of the name of national property. And named after the word 'slave', there are several kinds of situations. A name for yuan for children; Another possibility of 'slave' for women with a name. Yuan dynasty women commonly used 'niang', 'son', 'elder brother', the name of 'slave' and other words. And adulthood, continue to use the nickname is also more. Name of a civilian women, have 'Zhao Lian son', 'Liu Po slave', 'Gao Huan slave', 'ugly' lee, 'liu temple slave' and so on. The last one is minority name translated into Chinese characters. Yuan period, Mongolian and semu ethnic Chinese character name, is translated into in accordance with the national name pronunciation of Chinese characters, which include 'slave', 'donkey' and 'bad' words, but there is no any epithet, because is not only the ordinary people of yuan dynasty, even as the yuan dynasty, a senior official, also often have such a name. 'Yuan shi' in 'the jiangsu and zhejiang provinces left prime minister ink donkey flat for the book chapter politics', 'emperor of the settlement, and again is which can kill a letter to make all the slaves, etc, and trace of domineer over into yi', which is then referred to in the status of high officials. In addition, in order to 'slave', 'donkey' name, abound in the yuan dynasty aristocrat, are common in the history of yuan. And the history of yuan and YanJiaLiang unearthed such appellation ink book porcelain samples, has 'the slave', also reflects the name using generalized. Soilless which how to sustainable development
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