The world's most complex flowers painted porcelain process ( Figure)

by:Xianke     2020-07-13

NingFen fort royal porcelain workshop, located in Munich, Germany fort NingFen palace, in Bavaria in years by dominated the victor over the years, the elector marquis Max iii of Bach dynasty created, Germany Bavarian royal porcelain craft workshop, and is also one of the top European old porcelain workshop. , own built fort NingFen royal porcelain workshop becomes a high level of porcelain manufacture art hall, adhering to the royal tradition, with global only pure manual craft, making the top high level of royal tableware, porcelain and all kinds of porcelain. Rococo era of fort fort NingFen NingFen royal porcelain workshop came out, the time when the European popular Chinese wind, europeans to this remote and mysterious Oriental nation full of yearning. Gradually improve navigation technology makes boat sailing, promoted the cultural exchange between east and west, China's cultural and artistic interest into Europe, was deeply loved by the European court and noble. And at that time in the courts of Louis xv of France, is a popular new way of life, it symbolizes the arrival of the era of European rococo. French rococo originated in the century, when under the influence of Chinese culture and art taste, combined with the baroque style with Chinese decorative taste, using multiple S line combination of a slim and gorgeous carve, cumbersome art style, the rococo in the process of formation under the influence of Chinese art, especially Chinese garden design elements, the decorative pattern of silks, porcelain, lacquer, etc. Rococo art create an asymmetric, rich move feeling, freedom is bold and unrestrained and the adornment of heavy and complicated of thin, lightweight, luxuriant style, gorgeous and delicate soft women style. The rococo style is developed by palace style, originated in the palace, is more popular in between the royal family, so no wonder on its luxury and gorgeous. Rococo style of decorative arts gradually appear in the European court. Fort NingFen royal porcelain workshop owner - — Victor, family, love gorgeous tender rococo style, by the Bavarian kingdoms under their rule is silence in freedom is bold and unrestrained, gorgeous and delicate rococo era, they are eager to rococo style to blossom in the walls of the palace and table. 'Cumberland' the birth of this extremely rococo style tableware series has a lovely name, called the Cumberland David kotok, from years of fort NingFen royal porcelain workshop, as the first royal fort NingFen royal porcelain workshop level of rococo style porcelain combination, at the time of the German and European society, enjoying a high reputation, and a large number of used for various levels of the Bavarian royal dinner table. Until the end of the century, their status in the table are another group of the same from the fort Yu Ningfen royal porcelain workshop 'supremacy of Bavaria - The tableware of the king 'series of porcelain. Soon, however, the rococo style of porcelain group and has a large number of production in fort NingFen porcelain workshop, up delicate gorgeous rococo plates in years and in the eyes of the world. This time they appear in the third generation of Cumberland (the United Kingdom The last generation) The son of that ernst auguste iii ( The duke of Brunswick and Hanover heir to the throne) , and the German emperor and king of Prussia, the only daughter of William iv Victoria Louise princess wedding banquet tables, and caused a sensation in the European society. In honor of the rococo style of the regeneration of porcelain series, fort NingFen royal porcelain hereby named 'Cumberland David kotok'. The flowers design of Cumberland plate color is gorgeous and aesthetic feeling, is currently the world's most complex porcelain painting process. Joseph Zchenberger roaring, bushes and flowers of the butterfly pattern design, highlights the rococo period as fine magnificent natural flowers. For example: 'in the Cumberland group soup bowl, cover button with cut the half of the lemon, is very interesting and vivid. White porcelain surface appear bright blooming flowers and butterfly flutters, fort NingFen royal blue ripples distribution along the edge of mouth K gold, set each other off becomes an interest. And only NingFen fort in porcelain making process using K gold, this is porcelain making technology a great masterpiece. Plus fort NingFen craftsmen attentive, exquisite handmade technology, especially the kind of color is used on the design drawing of deployment is completed. Let the now world-famous classic 'Cumberland porcelain group', a must. This was born in European rococo period under the 'Cumberland' China group, not only represents the style of an era, the exquisite and elegant shape and decorative style convey more elegant aristocrat's attitude to life. Take hold in hand, ooze sweet in my heart. Learn to four see buy high-grade porcelain
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