The weifang talent collection the cellar

by:Xianke     2020-07-09

snap wine is weifang in shandong, but also hidden talent gathered wine. It is understood that only in anqiu JingZhi town, the population of wine for a living there is nearly over, full-bodied wine culture famous heavy, let the people here are more professional and rational understanding of the wine. Casual a few words of chat with the locals, can hear the wine from the heart a kind of love, more can feel a kind of respect of wine. Here the wine culture has integrated into all aspects of life people, every household will hide a few bottles of alcohol. When talking about alcohol collection, has always been reserved WeiFangRen seems suddenly opened the chatterboxes, charting. From kuiwen OuDeSheng sports is one of them, according to his introduction, collection alcohol has many years of experience. 'You look at me this bottle of maotai, three revolution back label and cotton paper is authentic, if it weren't for you to understand the wine I am not easily take out to see people. , 'he said, as Mr Sheng carefully take out by plastic film wrapped tightly this bottle' liquid gold '. Reporter sees as the outer packing of cotton paper has yellowed, undoubted, the years trace in the above see see fantastic Mr Sheng added, 'this Zhang Quan cotton paper online have been sold to yuan. 'There was such a baby, the people around you to the fun, three outer layer in the discussion. 'I give you twenty thousand wine to me? 'Next to a young Tibetan friend saw a so beautiful can't resist opening, a listen to this, Mr Sheng hurriedly motioning with his hand:' what think, experts said at least ten thousand a year, I this bottle of three revolution this collection years, you're worth more money. Fully filled with two paper box. After the appraisal, the excitement of Mr Sheng is still difficult to calm. 'Really is the Chinese wine culture has a special feelings for so many years, starting from the collection of the first a bottle of wine didn't thought of appreciation of what, just love. Home is now about 23000 bottles of wine, I will continue to collect, if for no other, just to put the wine culture of China. 'Experts how to identify the ancient porcelain of stainless steel bottle ( Figure)
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