The tsar in 1915 royal wine is about to auction off

by:Xianke     2020-07-16

a bottle for Russian tsar Nicholas ii ( Tsar Nicholas II) Made from years of white musk wine ( 白麝香) Is being put up for sale. This bottle of wine is Nicholas was assassinated before ( During the October revolution) The production. This bottle of rare wine in Los Angeles on February 2nd Heritage Auctions on auction, valuation, - The dollar. The auction of the wines and enhanced wine batch, all directly from Ukraine massandra wine cellar ( Massandra) 。 Massandra winery the original production of high-grade wine, only members of the royal family is acknowledged as the best winery tsarist Russia era. The wine cellar collection millions of bottles of royal seal engraved with the tsar and other wines, the czar period are priceless. The horse Thornton winery produces each kind of wine will keep at least a bottle of ( The winery is still in production today) , but its sale of old wine is limited. Heritage auction of rare wine department director Frank Martell said: 'the total of money massandra vintages to participate in the auction, almost covers all products of the legendary wineries. 'Other auction highlights include: a bottle of Ai Danil, Tokay, valuation, more than $; A bottle of Muscat Rose; White musk YiXiang years ( Bottled) White musk and YiXiang years ( Bottled) 。 Putian imported wine butch bottle will stick identification code
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