The story behind that wine glass video

by:Xianke     2020-06-25
Danielle Milham, 25, founder of Koala Mattress, and Mickey Taylor, 28, said their ideas were stolen.
Source: SuppliedAS MALCOLM would say: Drinking in bed is never a more exciting moment.
You may have seen the video now.
Amazing new mattress that can hold a full wine glass while being bounced back by an attractive white person (or persons).
In fact, there are two almost identical videos that are started by two Australian native-
The founders of Ups are now engaged in a fierce war of words for their share (
Obviously prosperous)‘zero-
Interfere with the niche of sleep technology mattress.
Byron Bay Partners Dani Milham, Mickey Taylor and Phil Johnson have launched Koala mattresses accusing Hong Kong-based Ecosa
Lin Ge Chen, a natural entrepreneur, stole the idea.
Can you do it with your mattress?
Bed for naughty people.
Tag someone who needs Ecosa.
Mr Milham, 25, told the News: \"This is definitely heating up . \". com. au.
\"We \'ve seen their version of the wine glass test and it\'s definitely after us.
\"As a business, we are not too worried or worried about them.
They\'re chasing us directly. I’m very laser-
Focus, don\'t want these things to interrupt our dayto-day business.
But Milham admits that stealing his ideas is a \"very different experience\" from seeing the two brands work with each other \".
\"A lot of people come up to us and say, \'What are you doing? \'? ’,” he said. “But [our attitude]
Is to make it a reality.
They always say that imitation is a compliment.
\"As far as Ecosa is concerned, it\'s not lying down.
\"This is not true,\" 28-year-
Mr. Chen moved to Australia at the age of 13.
\"We had the idea of wine testing before them.
For the record, Koala uploaded the video to Facebook on November 14, while Ecosa\'s video date was December 21.
The koala video has been viewed, says Milham.
Facebook and websites such as reddit, imgur and 9gag have 5 million times.
Two \"mattresses in the box\" started.
Ups was launched about the same time.
Source: supply Mr Chan says there are 3 videos from Ecosa.
4 million views and statistics.
But he pointed out that the overall concept is not new at all.
Tempur mattress manufacturers
The Pedic conducted the first \"waterglass test\" in 2008, and the British brand Zleeps conducted a test in 2011.
\"We had a Jenga test --
It\'s interesting, too, \"he said. (
Koala, your action. )
Mr. Chen claimed that he began selling at interest before the koala, but the koala first registered the business.
The Ecosa website was launched in September and the koala website was launched in November.
\"We won\'t say they copied our idea because the first one [
Mattress in the box]
\"The company is Kasper in the United States,\" he said . \"
While a similar \"zero interference\" mattress has been on the market for years, Koala claims its version is \"world-
First of all, due to the way the material --
It\'s Dubs\' k-three-layer polyurethane foam4’ —
Put together.
The technology behind the design means that users can get \"the perfect weight distribution on the mattress\" while sleeping, the company said \".
\"There are no other mattresses on the market that have the same material,\" Mr Milham said . \".
\"We originally intended to use latex or memory foam, but we wanted to further develop this new type of mattress that is better quality and more suitable for the Australian climate.
He says koalas have been listed since November
It uses its charitable partnership with Port Macquarie Koala Hospital as another unique selling point
Its mattress is worth $1 million, ranging from $650 to $1050.
\"I can connect our business to charity, but I don\'t want to,\" koala\'s competitor said . \".
Source: supply Mr Chan says koalas are \"very big \".
\"In 2012, I started selling $5000 on eBay from home.
\"In just two years, our company will exceed $2 million a year,\" he said . \"
\"At the moment, it is certain that we will make $3 million a year.
He said he \"wouldn\'t be surprised\" to see us making $5 at such a rate\"
10 million a year \".
Of course, Mr. Chen thinks his mattress is better.
\"The Koala Mattress uses K-
\"The real foam is a polyurethane foam with a fancy name,\" he said . \".
\"PU Foam is much cheaper than latex and memory foam.
\"Koala did not invent K-4 foam.
They are not the makers of bubbles.
They only give K. 4 foam.
Ecosa does not use expensive marketing to promote a bubble that does not exist.
Our customers know how good latex and memory foam are, so they chose us.
\"He did not hesitate to try koala\'s charity partnership.
\"Every mattress you buy, koala will adopt a koala,\" he said . \".
\"I can relate our business to charity, but I don\'t want.
I will donate the money to people in need, but I will not use it for marketing.
I like doing business honestly.
\"So, are you the koala team or the Ecosa team?
We will give you a sleep. frank. chung@news. com.
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