The postal issue first stainless steel stamp - Austria Stainless steel bottle

by:Xianke     2020-07-11

, Austria issued the first stainless steel stamp (postal See the figure) 。 Although the search through the network before we see many news about stainless steel stamps, but from the perspective of the authorities to issue, the the stamp should be stainless steel stamps 'fathers'. The world's first stainless steel stamp belong to the 'Austrian classic brand' series of stamps, is to publicize the famous Austrian China brand auge teng China ( Augarten瓷) The issue. Auge teng porcelain factory is a world famous porcelain manufacturer, its history can be traced back to the years, has a history of recent years, is also one of the most famous porcelain producing area of Europe, its early days began to use the decorative pattern of roses 'Vienna', has become the enduring classic design, which is why the stainless steel stamps pattern is 'rose' in Vienna. According to introducing, printing stamp used by the 'paper' - — With stainless steel auge teng porcelain factory manufactured by degrees centigrade high temperature hours, followed by glaze and glaze under the higher temperature burn hardening. Stamp patterns is to use silk screen printing technology printed up, in order to ensure the stamp patterns ( Also is stainless steel design) Fastness and contrast, colour also related to be heated to high temperature degrees Celsius. During the manufacture of the stainless steel stamps in the above, in addition to can't due to in a short period of time to manufacture large quantities of hand-painted design and use silk screen printing technology, the rest of the used are traditional auge porcelain manufacturing technology and process. In addition to the stainless steel stamps, in recent years, Austria also issued a stamp, embroidery crystal stamps, stamps, meteorite D stamps, etc. New stamps. Stainless steel into Beijing exhibition of art
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