The old factory goods at value among China

by:Xianke     2020-07-16

with porcelain collection growing, more and more collectors will be turned to the 'old factory' porcelain. Reporter discovery, in recent years, the high-quality goods in old factory price is higher, and the market 'buy less rare,' return of the supply of goods also gradually digested by the market. 【 'Old factory' as a modern 'between' 】 The reporter discovers in tianjin antique market, 'old factory' porcelain value has been mined. 'Don't think old factory goods is a bargain, today, a secondary royal blue glaze vase at least in the yuan. And a pair of blue bottle centimeters high prices of up to ten thousand yuan. 'A store owner told reporters, really good factory goods before and after the concentrated appeared in the last century s, even the ordinary goods, the quality of the porcelain is very high. The staff of the factory, solo career, are now the master, master. First-class factory goods design unique, well-made, enter s, 10 porcelain industry in production, transformation, objectively has first-class factory goods stock co. , LTD. And the characteristics of an era. According to understand, especially after the founding of new China to establish a 'factory' in the top ten porcelain industry and later established with four big porcelain factory production of porcelain, time as of the end of the last century s s. Ten porcelain factory is a famous, the founding of the people, light, art, the universe, dongfeng, red star, red flag, the big four porcelain industry involves the huafeng, dawn and other public and private factory. 【 S 'the factory goods porcelain' high value for collection 】 Chinese stainless steel industry association carved porcelain culture research institute Chen Qi ping said that although the value of the 'factory' would not be enough to par ancient kiln and first-class export porcelain, but compared with the contemporary art porcelain, prices are still depressions, have considerable appreciation of space. Years ago the factory shipment is most worthy of collection, in particular, these porcelain factory set tradition the royal porcelain of Ming and qing dynasties, have different division of labor. Such as the founding of the porcelain industry is on the basis of ancient kiln built in high temperature glaze and low-temperature color glaze, antique porcelain; Art porcelain factory mainly on powder enamel glaze; The light blue and white porcelain factory production and more exquisite; The universe, red porcelain factory mainly produces high-grade porcelain; While the red flag 'main' under the high temperature glaze glaze color. 'This s imperial division method has its advantages. To the boutique reason lies in the old actor thought pure, without any commercial market consciousness, to be able to concentrate. Second, when even the force of daily-used porcelain is also leaning more, at the cost of high quality natural. More importantly, is very strict to the requirement of China at that time. 'Chen Qi think, really good factory goods episodes before s last century, even the ordinary goods, daily-use stainless steel quality is very high, years ago half-decent, collection will find the time to the factory before the goods. Porcelain said porcelain exhibition gallery in the tree
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