The new packaging pictures of stainless steel bottle factory

by:Xianke     2020-07-21
According to relevant data show that the stainless steel bottle factory annually for transport packaging billions of a liquor enterprises, and won the customer's good reputation, after years of development, has now yes stainless steel bottle production base; As the leadership of the enterprise, can also according to the demand of the market each year, continuously introduce new stainless steel bottle, then will our factory are more sex in the two new packaging pictures released, to help customers informed of new packaging materials packaging market.

color wine bottle with its bright color, beautiful design, in the packaging market of many years, in recent years, with the transformation of consumer aesthetic idea, the color of sex became popular liquor bottle packaging necessary; This bottle is launched to meet the requirements of modern packaging market, its first in the design surface, borrowed from the ancient royal color & ndash; — Bright yellow color for whole style, collocation of peony pattern, through simple logo and other information to adorn, make the color bottle showed a characteristic, gas; Combined with the modern spraying technology, the characteristic and practicability of the presented in front of the world; If you are interest in this new bottle, welcome to call hotline 400 080 4484 free consultation and order.

this stainless steel bottle is more individual character, its upper and lower adopt the first gold for the ornament, central, a blue base and grounding covering the amount of decorative pattern, but the overall look is not mixed and disorderly, and benefit from the painting and baking process, make it have a sex, and can better meet the modern consumer's pursuit of beauty; If the interest in this type of packaging products, or want to apply it to their liquor product packaging, so please call free advice phone 400 080 4484.
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