The museum of 3 d technology documentary is ancient sailing style again

by:Xianke     2020-07-18

on Saturday (according to Taiwan 'today news' reported that deep vessel is the best new century middle period of qing dynasty, the performance largest ship off the coast, the museum ( Weibo) Museum courtyard precious Tibetan literature data, combined with modern science and technology and creative aesthetics, building: the model, a chance for people to see the most representative of Chinese ancient sailing. The museum, said the reappearance. Deep ship 'the documentary's minutes, which is divided into three parts, the first part analyze the deep background; the ship is on the rise The second part, deep ship recovery process, and making: deep process of ship model; The third part, the D digital technology in-depth analysis and dismantling deep the main structure and design of the ship. The museum project team according to the current remaining two pictures and texts, create: the model of ship, and invited experts and scholars and budding filmmakers KeZiJian, liao ching-yao, D animation director Zhang Liren hand in hand to cooperate, to a high standard of filming technique, and combined with D science and technology and other film technology, making the representation. Deep vessel 'documentary, break depressing stereotypes, the average person to documentary brings the audience highly immersive visual and auditory feast. Taipei's palace, points out that the early century, because of the increasingly frequent piracy, the qing court in jiangnan provincial coastal, Taiwan and the penghu wenhuan, grows strong unceasingly, establish a deep fleets, become caught off the coast of the main body, control the ocean coastline, order and stability as well as symbol of political, military, economic and cultural aspects of the invisible bridge.
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