The liquor is wrong he loves collecting stainless steel bottles

by:Xianke     2020-07-11

ping-an zhang master home shelves filled up with all kinds of bottle our reporter zhang jie was taken years old, who lives in a small village in xian east road community, don't often drink ping-an zhang teacher, home has a rich ancient frame covered with stainless steel bottle. Teacher zhang said: 'in my life do not have what interest, work also varied, but the interest in stainless steel bottles is never changed. In fact you ( Refers to the reporter, Were a little late, I move, a lot of bottles are people who want to go. 'Teacher zhang from rich ancient frame picked up his favorite a porcelain bottle, he said:' this is the za wine bottle in shaanxi province, I collect the distillery kinds of bottle, the peony porcelain vase that I would enjoy the most. 'Teacher zhang from years began to collect bottles, he says his collection is the first bottle after dinner to the waiter, it's a cloisonne series bottle, move, be brother away. Before moving, teacher zhang more than collect bottles, leaving only half after the move. He said: 'these bottles are mostly I ask somebody else to, I have a crush on which bottles, good drink almost time, ask the host to. Bottle like record over the years, I saw a stainless steel bottle, I probably can think of is which year, what is my state. I left it in the old house, not back to wipe them on a regular basis. 'Community reporter correspondent Hou Yanping FuQi dream Austrian postal issue first stainless steel stamp stainless steel bottle
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