the ‘latte levy’ would not have solved the coffee cup problem

by:Xianke     2020-06-17
In the center of the small city where I live, we have two Starbucks, three Costa Coffee, one cup of coffee, and countless independent coffee shops.
You are only a few steps away from the caffeine solution.
It may be only a few steps away from the bin filled with old cups and lids.
It goes without saying that the number of takeout coffee sold every day has a huge impact on the environment.
Considering the amount of take-out coffee you enjoy every day, although 400 of consumers put their coffee in a recycling box, only one of the disposable coffee cups is recycled, which is very bad.
The problem is the material used to make the Cup-the paper melted with polyethylene cannot be treated in a standard recycling plant.
Because this is about 2.
5 billion cups are buried every year.
We definitely need to change our way quickly and give up the choice of eco-friendly outsell cups --
Enjoy the friendly way of our favorite hot drinks.
But I don\'t believe it.
This will be a step in the right direction, but I\'m not sure that when you buy a cup of coffee that costs between 2 and 4, paying an extra 25 p will make you think twice.
There is no difference in paying 2.
A cup of coffee or two. 50.
So the consumer will pay 25 p and we also have a cup that is most likely to be landfill.
This may be the beginning, but it seems to me that the problem will not be solved by \"latte\" alone.
I know the activists point out that the success of the 5 p plastic bag charge has dropped 83 cents in the first year of use-but I don\'t think they are comparable.
Large shopping trips are usually planned activities, usually the same time per week, which makes it easier for you to remember to bring reusable packages.
Buying Coffee is often a spontaneous decision.
Although you can take some items from the store if you forget to bring the bag, it is impossible to do this with drinks.
It also feels very unfair that the government lets consumers pay for it and lets businesses decide to use certain materials in their products.
Many independent coffee shops seem to be able to use combo coffee cups with price points similar to or below the big coffee chain, so why not have a bigger brand turn to these coffee and also see the use of a single coffee-
Use plastic, such as selling cups
Social like smoking
Advertising, smoking bans and government moves to stop people from smoking have led
Time difference in England.
Maybe when you buy a drink we need the same strong ad in the cafe.
In addition, the barista can ask if you have a travel cup with you, or if you want to buy a cup with a reasonable price before you get it directly.
Starbucks does provide people with incentives to buy a reusable cup that can be reduced by 25 p if you bring it yourself.
Pret offers a 50 p discount for using your own cup, and when you use one of its reusable coffee cups, Costa 25 p and Greggs will give you a 20 p hot drink
Affordable Reusable cups and rewards for bringing your own cups also need to be rolled out in all other cafes and widely publicized so people know they can save money.
Let\'s see if-
Informed consumers react better to carrots instead of reaching out to get a stick.
It\'s also up to all of us to make sure we make the right decisions-making coffee at home, bringing reusable cups, or choosing a coffee shop where you can use packed containers will be a good start.
It\'s not just coffee cups that need to be targeted, it\'s all our disposable items like straws, food packaging and plastic cutlery.
At the beginning of this year Theresa May vowed \'\'.
Let\'s hope that now that the \"latte\" has been rejected, this is not the end, May\'s comments are not just empty promises, because there are things that need to be done quickly.
Our coffee addiction may not go away soon-but hopefully our addiction to singles --use cups will.
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