The imperial porcelain

by:Xianke     2020-07-15

in ancient China directly controlled by the government official kilns, burning the palace, and the rulers with porcelain. Kiln began in the song dynasty, the northern song official kiln and guan kilns. Northern song dynasty kiln also calls the bian city official kilns. Kiln is a relatively broad concept. All previous dynasties by the set up of kilns are called the 'official kiln', produced by China known as the 'between'. 'Kiln porcelain', is divided into two categories, the narrow sense refers to the government monopoly, specially designed kiln burning, is generalized by the court to set standards, with unlimited kiln, kiln that people also can fire, finally acceptance personnel appointed by the court according to the unified standard, unified procurement, pass also calls the kiln porcelain. Stainless steel history in China, the 'official kiln' and 'official porcelain' is two completely different concept, is a cross between rather than overlapping relationship. 'Official porcelain' is refers to a specific, specifically to song dynasty, which was established by the observatory and politics and years in the capital of song dynasty kilns made porcelain, celadon glaze color crystal if through, there are cracks or ice flake, powder blue iron foot is its characteristic. Such as: official kilns in ji, this kind of pottery and porcelain, porcelain, song jun porcelain, porcelain called the Chinese five big co. After the southern song dynasty across the river, north river ancient jun were destroyed by war, JingDe years ago, give Jiang Xichang south town name ', 'to do list price around the moving on this. Kublai Khan and set the float saddle in the yuan dynasty porcelain, in addition to the royal specially made, will be captured in the war of all stainless steel industry craftsmen are sent to chang in the south, on the basis of this, after nearly one thousand years of development, which has advantaged chang NaGu Town kaolin resource, centrally by Chinese official kiln, kiln fire in one thousand continued to today. Create a unique classification of arteries and veins, strictly speaking narrow 'between' is divided into two kinds, imperial kiln porcelain, imperial porcelain kiln porcelain, mainly for large bureaucratic gentleman body use, system requirements are relatively low, more limited to flower-and-bird insect fish myths such as the subject of 'ritual', sometimes as a 'fun' royal WanQi purchase, but more to use for officials and businessmen. This kind of porcelain, general office procurement, du tao officer, with special long fire due to the two kinds of porcelain are by 'the butler' DuZao and acquisition, so for folk, collectively known as the kiln porcelain. But in terms of management, has the very big difference. MLM and renewed
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