The fall in the value of the wine investment

by:Xianke     2020-07-15

barclays entrust, according to a survey, as investments, the fall in the value of the wine in the eyes of rich people. The survey of the world, objects are more earning millions of pounds. Contains the works of art, classic cars, jewelry, old furniture by them as alternative investment assets 'wealth' list, most people will wine row at the bottom. Most investors say the wine investment is to enjoy, and think your own wine cellar is priceless, don't even want to bequeath to future generations. Only two places - — Singapore and Hong Kong, the wine in the first three alternatives. Barclays philosophy of behavioral finance department supervisor Greg Davies said: 'often hear people are hoarding SWAG ( Silver, wine, art and gold) And we want to find out their real motivation. They invest these, because a good return on investment, can still get to enjoy, or other reasons. '' evidence overwhelmingly shows that motivation is the main capital returns. 'Wine merchant bordeaux index ( Bordeaux Index) General manager Gary Boom are the results of the survey was not surprised: 'every time the financial times survey alternative investment -- — Modern art, furniture, guns, stamps, etc. , the wine is always ranked first. But other investments pr machine so powerful, for example, modern art and wine as investments are not perfectly marketing - — Promise too much, too little return. ”
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