The driver fatigue driving trucks rolled over tens of thousands of empty wine bottles on accident

by:Xianke     2020-07-16

day early morning, driving a nearbu record big truck to qingdao-yinchuan expressway K Zi Qingdao direction near the river bridge, the driver concentration due to fatigue driving, car and give way, not in time accident, cause the car filled with empty bottles scattered all stainless steel to the grass by the roadside. Qingdao-yinchuan expressway road brigade rescue workers rushed to the weifang, transited the tens of thousands of empty bottle to clean stainless steel, no casualties of the personnel on the car. Determined morning around, a nearbu delivery trucks to the jinan, went to the green silver high-speed K near Qingdao direction Zi river bridge, the driver suddenly found in front of the car. Concentration due to fatigue driving long distances, driver, and to avoid a car and crashed into each other, take measures, the cars into ditches, full car carries tens of thousands of empty stainless steel bottles are all spilled out, and the high speed in the grass by the roadside. PM, qingdao-yinchuan high-speed weifang highway brigade after three squadron received a report to the police on duty, rescue workers quickly arrive at the scene of the accident, the accident vehicle for hoisting and dragged off as soon as possible to make roads to clear. On-site rescue workers told reporters, because the stainless steel bottle falls within the ditches, to prevent the crushing of the stainless steel bottle, rescuers have moved with the hand, some USES. After hours of hard work, about tons of stainless steel bottles neatly packed in transit vehicles, let owner loss to lowest. The whole process of accident disposal arrangement orderly, the driver of the car and owners both no injuries, nor needed to cause accident. Put beside the door and window glass stainless steel bottle and so on will help prevent burglary
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