The difference between the fridge and the ice bucket

by:Xianke     2020-05-28
In the hot summer, ice bucket and the two products is that we often use the refrigerator, so there are a lot of people in both for ice wine, the wine into what is the difference between the two? Small make up in the next article will introduce you to. 1, ice bucket, ice bucket is before drinking, ice in the ice bucket for a period of time, usually 1 - 2 hours, have the effect of cold. But it will not be able to carry on the long-term storage, and its power consumption is less. 2, refrigerator if stored in the refrigerator for a long time, it will affect the taste of wine, this is because the refrigerator compressor is in working status, often will have vibration, this long stored for wine also is very bad. Above for everybody introduced into the difference between the two, suggest the user to select ice ice bucket, because it not only can achieve the effect of the cold, still can save electricity for the user. A: galvanized galvanized quantity under a ice bucket: the cause of the stainless steel ice bucket brief contact resistance ice bucket
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