The configuration of the galvanized ice bucket acid lotion

by:Xianke     2020-05-28
Galvanized ice bucket with plating, glass ball, zinc powder, water, and the rotation of the promoter in the barrel, as the impact of medium with glass ball rotation of roller, and the friction on the surface of the plating and hammer produces mechanical energy, in under the action of chemical promoter, will be plated with zinc powder 'cold welding' to plating on the surface, a smooth, uniform and meticulous with a certain thickness of coating. Galvanized ice bucket acid liquid preparation: the use of more than 28% concentration of industrial hydrochloric acid, according to the proportion of 2:1 mixture 200 grams/liter water solution concentration of acid liquid, generally do not add acid during use, until the concentration under reduced to 40 per liter, the ferrous chloride content, rose to 200 g/l solution for waste acid into the neutralization pond, standard of discharge after ( Emissions requirements shall be formulated by the environmental protection department) 。 Actual use, we can according to the above method configuration galvanized ice bucket of acid liquid, such as ferrous chloride content is less than 200 grams/liter, hydrochloric acid concentration is lower than 40 g/l, can be appropriately adding concentrated hydrochloric acid. A: not the next article: stainless steel ice bucket testing standard of galvanized ice bucket
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