The Chinese dream & # 8226; The first travel stainless steel creative design contest

by:Xianke     2020-07-15

dig deep historical and cultural resources, cultivation of creative industries original talent, stainless steel cultural characteristics and advantages, to create development tourism stainless steel products with local characteristics, further carry forward the culture of stainless steel, promote transformation and upgrading of industries, and stainless steel by China international expo executive committee, the municipal people's government hosted the first travel stainless steel creative design competition 'month day, facing the whole country for stainless steel creative design works. Porcelain expo home activities designed for China the reporter learns from China international expo commissioner for stainless steel, this year is the first ten years, porcelain fair held periodically memorial significance. At present, for inviting businesses and exhibitors, venue planning, supporting activities and promote the preparatory work is underway. The activity start means the tenth porcelain fair work began to overall appearance. As a major theme events, city related units given the strong support, city porcelain bureau, the city human resources and social security bureau, municipal tourism administration as co-sponsors, actively cooperate with porcelain fair safeguard the activity carries on smoothly. During the contest, the organizing committee will also to each college press conference organized by topic, to encourage creative talents to stand out. City stainless steel institute, college, well-known stainless steel stainless steel arts and crafts of jiangxi vocational technical college and other colleges and universities will add assigns, actively organize relevant personnel to participate in the creation. Jiangxi institute of arts and crafts will also specifically for the event set up a assigns. At the same time, under the guidance of porcelain expo commissioner office, this activity will be facing the whole country is widely spread, the registration activities in China's eight major porcelain production zone also in start simultaneously. National competitions in the Chinese dream the theme of the contest for 'China dream design' for China, mainly reflect creative urban color porcelain making technology in one thousand, the participants in the Chinese dream as the basic elements and carrier design work, and into the characteristic of the tourism culture elements in the works. Daily-use stainless steel creators from the perspective of art, ornament art porcelain daily, design life of stainless steel products. It is understood that to increase the activity of appeal, reflect tourism cultural features of stainless steel, during the competition, activities of the organizing committee will organize the participants to the scenic spot of the domestic tour, increase tourism scenic theme creation, to create a distinctive tourism commodity paving. The activity of the winning entries will be shown during the ceramic fair. At the same time, as porcelain expo theme events will also work to participate in the international and domestic Tours. In addition, the organizers will also be for a special tour during the ceramic fair stainless steel procurement. Then, the broad masses of customers at home and abroad, favorites and fans will also participate in the event. 'pearl mountain eight friends' artistic life
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