The Chinese and foreign art bottles in Hong Kong

by:Xianke     2020-07-15

wine culture in the world for thousands of years of history, is used to wine bottle is undoubtedly of? Profound cultural connotation. Sheung shui plaza will hold 'trip to savor: bottle folk art treasures exhibition, six bottles from Beijing and Hong Kong collectors exhibit hundred from around the world and different s bottles, exhibits include the sui and tang dynasties, one thousand years ago treasures, Scotland bottle of hundred years ago, early collection in Hong Kong. On the bottle to distinguish materials include stainless steel, wood, glass, bamboo, etc. Form is also different: characters, animals, landscape painting, antique shape, nuclear submarines, etc. Because a chance Peng Jie (often Beijing wine collection of) Began to show an interest in wine bottle collection. When he was passing by in a bungalow in shanxi, get a well-presented and conveniently from the roof of bottles, feel fresh and interesting, just home, with? Bottle collection, he found that put the elegant bottle, can form a beautiful beautiful scenery line, from then on began his trip to twenty years of collection. Peng Jie often refer to? Monroe's classical action as the modelling of the bottle, although it is only a small bottle, but through it, to feel the culture of the United States. 'He believes the process of collection is full of happy, because at the time of collection, collection is a country with different brand culture. Lian-xin Yang personally designed the process of collecting all are not happy, also sometimes also hard to avoid. Contour ( Honorary President of the Chinese and foreign wine culture association) He waited a bottle for ten years. Once pass by Beijing CuiWei building, he saw a bottle, it is like, but because there was no money to buy, every time he will come to the wine bottle will go to see a look, finally, after ten years, will buy wine bottles. No matter how tortuous process, even if the rivers, the contour is to hide his beloved bottles. For a former navy lian-xin Yang, a small bottle is not only the carrier of culture, but also the carrier of a relationship. Bottle of plane and solid, lian-xin Yang to his feelings is poured on the bottle design, in 2006, he had built for a Chinese nuclear submarine plant design capacity of five hundred ml of nuclear submarines form a limited edition bottle, and won the national patent. Yu-xiang li, vice President of association of the Chinese and foreign wine culture collection hip flask, since the 1980 s for 33 years, hidden bottle to sui and tang dynasties, the qing dynasty, the republic of China, as well as the contemporary. Is show his special selection of more than 40 pieces of ancient and modern art bottles, let everybody aftertaste wine culture of more than one thousand years. Several bottle collectors said, hope to wine culture can also set up the museum, let the wine bottle with all art, make more people understand the history of wine. 'Trip to savor: bottle folk art treasures exhibition' by tomorrow in sheung shui square on the second floor atrium exhibition to August 31, query the exhibition can electricity 26939638 for details. Hebei handan bottle exhibition held characteristics
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