The cause of the liquor bottle surface wrinkling you know?

by:Xianke     2020-07-22
Liquor bottles as packaging materials occupy the place in our lives, in the production of liquor bottles, due to production process not meet our production demand, will cause the liquor bottle surface wrinkled skin. Below, bottle factory will give a brief of the way the cause of liquor bottle surface is wrinkled skin. Raw materials of poor quality. Sometimes we in the production of liquor bottle, wine bottle due to the factors of raw materials in the production of some fine lines. In the production of liquor bottles is a choice of raw materials, so as to ensure that at the time of production will not be any problem. The speed of the machine. In the production of liquor bottles, if the equipment run too fast or too slow will lead to some white wine bottle wrinkled skin, and production time according to different type bottle set different speed, so the liquor bottle produced wouldn't appear wrinkled skin of the phenomenon.
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