The bottle upside down, hop help you identify the liquor quality

by:Xianke     2020-07-13

city with many years of experience to identify quality food center by relevant experts say, buy bottled liquor, because can't open the cover to try first, when choosing so careful observation to identify. Specific methods whether colour is clear and bright, especially white wine, in a pot, must be colorless transparent. Identify, two bottles of wine with a rush of the same brand at the same time can be inverted, bubble disappear slowly the wine quality is good, bubble disappear slowly, means alcohol concentration is high, long storage time, taste mellow when drinking. This is because the reaction with water into ethanol in alcohol ester, the longer the wine storage time, wine is more fragrant. See whether there are suspended matter or precipitate the bottle upside down, toward the light observation, can see clearly that bottle if there were sundry, sediment, liquor is a problem. Whether packing seal is neat and in good condition now, a lot of wineries are sealed with aluminum skin spiral 'cap', which is insurance. Trade mark labels on the bottles generally true wine trademark signs, printing more exquisite, color is very bright, and there is a certain luster, and the fake is very rough; Check what brewery, what brand of wine, which is to identify the important aspect of bottled wine. Second, before open the bottle of drink, can adopt the following methods: take a drop of wine in hand, and then make the two palms contact friction slightly, wine becomes hot after the smell of a fragrance, it is the finest wine; If send sweet smell, for medium wine; If the smell stinky, will certainly drink to bad; Bottle upside down, see the hop in the bottle, if hop dense immediately turned and disappeared, and uneven distribution of liquid turbidity, is inferior wine; If hop uniform distribution, the density gap significantly, and slowly disappear, fresh, is of high quality wine; Take cooking oil, a drop of wine, if found oil in the wine is irregular diffusion, sinking velocity changes obviously, inferior wine, a rule that the oil in the wine spread and even sinking, for high quality wine. Shen county qing-hua li six years to collect bottles more than eight thousand
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