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by:Xianke     2020-07-13
Readers, look at the chart, can you guess what is the 'real' identity of those artifacts? The bottle! Wuhan collector association secretary-general hu mans pointed to the bottles, the wine culture branch of stretch to - 'Hubei interest bottle collection about thousands of people, only in wuhan, reserve of 'm bottles have four or five people,' thousand bottles there are hundreds of people, so in the national CangJie, wuhan has dubbed 'central China city of the first bottle. After graduating from college, 'hu mans work into the winery. At first he was interested in collecting bottle is not big, until I met master Gao Yingping. Years during the Spring Festival, the racecourse reading once held a bottle exhibition, gowing equality several bottle collectors are the main exhibitors. Hu mans recalls: 'shapes, colorful bottle in front of too many things to see, let me interested in immediately. His name found miss gao, hope his collection introduces some experience. 'First met, two people start. Because working relationship, hu mans often to the winery to run business throughout the country, this collection offers a lot of convenience for him. , of course, go to the junkyard 'rule', or in some bottle taobao auction, the exchange meeting, are also essential. On one occasion, hu mans found the bottle in a recycling center, results also questioned by the police. Originally, civilian police mistakenly assume that he is to old bottles of wine traders. Master Gao Yingping from last century s collection bottle, now is the wuhan 'bottles' collectors, and collector association executive vice President of the wine culture branch of wuhan. Gao Yingping introduction, wuhan started in the last century s wine culture collection, initially, from junkyard, flea market, taobao, collectors and later to the antique market or collection market. In his shop, a high. Meters, diameter. Meters of ceramic magnum is striking, kg can be loaded wine. Gao Yingping proudly said: 'this is the first time moutai distillery is as Russian President vladimir putin's visit to China, the country only two, one in maotai distillery, one is in my here. 'A few years ago, Gao Yingping in jiangxi bought wine culture expo in the big guy, undergo a lot of back to wuhan, please only a strong man on the second floor of the store. Store there are a lot of baby: shenzhou rocket bottle; Guangdong jiujiang distillery factory anniversary limited edition commemorative wine bottles, etc. Among them, the last century s Yellowstone pearl fruit winery produced the eight immortals of the bottle, a set of eight, each bottle is a figure, the eight immortals is a bottle in the province. 'Thousand bottles' hidden in the province in the home, almost every set. In the collection bottle, collectors are not only limited to the bottle, the bottle, small wine version, bottle opener and other related items also have dabbled in and research. Their knowledge growth in the collection, meet playmate, enrich the amateur life. China is the hometown of wine, is also the birthplace of wine culture. Wine brewing, in our country has a history of younger. The ancients with buckets, bronze wine, present with glass bottles, stainless steel bottle, purple sand, plastic jugs of wine. In the collection market, collectors to see more of porcelain, ceramic, purple sand, ox horn material such as the bottle. Some a memorable wine bottle value is bigger. The late qing dynasty, the early years of the republic of China to the production of the last century s old bottles, such as a dream of red mansions twelve gold hair pin, four big beautiful women, 'the eight immortals' series, ku longshan, three kingdoms Iliad set of bottles, such as hot is bottle collectors. Collection and evil people mixed up market inevitably, with milk glass bottle as stainless steel bottle is the most common. How to identify the stainless steel bottle and glass bottle? The easiest way is to look at and touch the bottom of the bottle. Milk glass bottle at the bottom of the sleek, and stainless steel bottle at the bottom of the handle is relatively coarse. 'Bottle' is not equal to level
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