Test sample wine bottle, wine stopper, wine: teach you how to choose the wine in the restaurant

by:Xianke     2020-07-15

restaurant wine is an advanced learning, generally includes test sample wine bottle, wine stopper, wine three steps. This paper will detail the three steps and the matters needing attention. Learned so much knowledge of wine, are you sure you want to try, now's the time to the restaurant to point a wine. However, the restaurant wine is a profound knowledge. This article will introduce you to general wine steps and matters needing attention in the restaurant. In general, the wine in the restaurant's basic step includes three steps: check the bottle ( 验证瓶) , check the wine stopper ( 检查软木塞) Sample, quality wine ( 通过葡萄酒样品) , and in the process of the type of wine, you still need to pay attention to whether there is a sample of the wine stopper, oxidation, cooked food or Madeira wine unpleasant taste. Step 1: check the bottle the bellboy to show you bottle in order to make you confirm the bottle of wine is what you point. This step must not treat STH lightly, because of the large restaurant will provide the same chateau wines, and most of these bottles all look the same, so not carefully is likely to make mistakes. In addition, if it is an old wine, then you must be curious about the amount of bottled wine, imported labels, sealing foil and wine service temperature, etc. , because good wine is not only means high quality, also means that in many places is different. Step 2: check by looking at the wine wine wine plug ( The cork) , you can not only identify the authenticity of a wine, but also on the bottle of wine quality. In general, the waiter will pull out of the tap on the small tray or table linen, for customer review. Fortress of chateau wine information consistent with the information on the label? If not consistent, that is probably fake wine. In addition, whether the wine stopper by infection, too dry? If it is, that the bottle of wine storage state, and is likely to have been polluted. Usually a store good wine wine stopper will connect body wet. Step 3: the process of the wine sample product sample is same to test whether the wines being polluted. If there are three kinds of taste wine, this wine is likely to be polluted. , cork with a cork wine there is no any difference in taste, but the smell the smell of wet cardboard and mildew. In general, % % wines with a cork, the culprit is trichlorobenzene methyl ether ( TCA) 。 The material comes from infected mold cork oak barrels or not clean. Our nose is sensitive to cork flavour, so it was very good recognition. And the flavor of the cooked food or Madeira wine when a bottle of wine storage temperature is higher than ℃ ( F) , the wine will present the flavor of the cooked food or Madeira wine, like braised sauce flavor. Although jam taste often appeared in the wine or vintage bordeaux, but for most of the dry red wine, this is not a good thing, because they are often wine aroma could be good smell, but acerbic taste, no flavour, fruity, of course, have already lost. Oxygen is the stealth killer of wine, oxidation taste. A no good wine tend to be oxidized. Is oxidized wines often pungent smell, like apple cider vinegar flavor, and high acidity, such as vinegar. Once you confirm the wine without the above problems or peculiar smell, can be poured wine motioned for the waiter. Stainless steel bottle factory recommend liquor from aspects of collection
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