tervis tumbler insulated glasses

by:Xianke     2020-06-13
What is Tervis Tumbler? There are many reasons for the rapid popularity of Tervis Tumblers in the United States.
Using the invented 2-wall design, insulated glasses can maintain the heat of cold drinks and hot drinks with only two layers of air.
Tervis tumblers was invented in 1946 by two engineers, Frank Cotter and howdavis Davis, who named their revolutionary drinking utensils by combining the last three letters of their surnames.
Tervis tumblers is the only manufacturer of insulated glasses, and after 65 years of faithful crafting, he can say they were the original tumblers.
Don\'t be fooled by imitators, Tervis wine glasses are the only ones that guarantee the following benefits: Lifetime Guarantee-
Unlike many imitators, the original Tervis wine glasses were made of polymers 10 times stronger than plastic.
The result is an almost indestructible product.
You can be on the road with them, take them to work, hold parties, and even the kids can\'t break them.
However, if you do find a way to destroy your Tervis Tumbler, they will be guaranteed for life.
To get a replacement tumbler, just go to their website and click on the \"replacement application form\" link.
Print and fill in the replacement request and put it in the mail together with the defective insulating glass.
Send the package to the address on the form and you should receive your replacement within a few weeks.
Veratile, stylish, and functional wine glasses are many
Use insulated glasses that are very good for cold or hot drinks.
They can keep coffee and tea warm longer than traditional mugs, allowing you to enjoy drinks at a rate that suits you.
Ice cubes are kept at normal temperatures for hours to keep the drinks crisp and refreshing.
People like how the glass looks with a transparent polymer structure.
Although they look like real glass, they don\'t have any disadvantages of traditional glass, such as chips, scratches or breaks.
The original Tervis wine glasses are also some of the most functional glasses.
They are easy to carry and come in all sizes.
From 10 ounces to 24 ounces of glasses, Tervis also produces a variety of styles of wine glasses.
While traditional glass shapes are most popular, they offer mugs, cups, and even ice buckets.
If you plan to use tumbler on the go, they will make covers and straws to prevent accidental spills of your drink in the car, at work or at home.
Some of the key benefits of the Tervis Tumbler design are: dishwasher safety-
The clean-up is no more simple, just throw it into the dishwasher on the shelf. Microwave safe
Heat warm coffee or tea with a quick zap in the microwave oven;
Very safe for Tervis Tumbler. No sweat ring
One of the biggest unexpected benefits of air-insulated tumbler design is that if your glass doesn\'t have a chance to leave a condensation ring on your desk, it\'s rare. American made -
For 65 years, Tervis has manually assembled all of their products in South Florida.
One of the biggest reasons for their explosive growth is the ability to customize your glass with your own name patch, custom design patch, NFL team patch, your school or university, and even your own photos.
They have exclusive licensing rights for companies like Disney, Guy Harvey, John Deere, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Tommy Bahamas!
Get a customized Tervis Tumbler right away by ordering online.
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