Teachers collect more than 200 pieces of stainless steel bottle crested hip BMW didn't change

by:Xianke     2020-07-14

into the Dr Qin-qing huang's studio, see the ground and shelves filled up with each in each generation of wine, guess he is a collector; Look at himself, a big black beard, dark skin, more like an artist. What is the answer? It turns out that he is a teacher of fujian normal university academy of geography, wine collection is his hobby. So far, he has collected more than wine. From falling in love with wine to fall in love with wine qin-qing huang was born in minqing sitting east town, years old this year. Year, he earned the senior titles, is our province one of the first senior agronomist abnormality is promoted, then he went to work in the United States. High strength work abroad teetotal he fell in love with wine, also from pure drinking way to relieve stress to enjoy wine, wine tasting. After returning home, he began to collect each in each generation of wine in China. Because he felt good wine need good wine is good enough, this is extensive and profound Chinese wine culture. After returning qin-qing huang in several companies as executives, to travel more. He always does not forget to a local antique shop to look at the wine. Wine collection is for the first time in a year when I went to huangshan mountain to play, he go to an antique shop, saw in the store put more than their own wine, and the shop owner bought it after a bargain, the wine is made in late qing. Learned that qin-qing huang have a wine collection hobbies, friends often help him. Qin-qing huang tells a reporter, collection of wine mostly come from local charge in a large house. Many people are willing to sell wine to him, watching the he only did study collection, not business. Preference pattern Long Fenghe kirin qin-qing huang work indoor displays how pieces of wine, reporter noticed that most of the appearance design of wine is longfeng pattern and kirin, it has to do with his personal prefer Long Fenghe kirin. Qin-qing huang said, he also love calligraphy at ordinary times, in college, he will give themselves a howling habitat 'phoenix mountain man'. So when collecting wine, he prefers wine with a pattern of phoenix. Qin-qing huang pointed to a pair of crested pot tells a reporter, this is the first his collection of wine with a pattern of phoenix. He went to the hubei province on a business trip at that time, local friends took him to a person's home to play, he noticed a pair of crested pot. Master, said the pair of crested pot is handed down in it, is not willing to sell. His collection to master yourself only do research. After several representations, master finally agreed to sell, and hope crested pot on qin-qing huang hands can play a better role. Qin-qing huang said that the crested pot is he likes a pair of wine, a lot of friends have come up with a high price to buy, it has been put forward to use a BMW, did not become. Wine collection, qin-qing huang said, is his hobby, no business. Defect is also a kind of beauty in the wine collection qin-qing huang, there are also some is incomplete. Qin-qing huang show a colorful porcelain in the Ming dynasty to the reporter youligong pot, one of which is complete, another repaired. For the love of wine, he also bought back. In the collection, and there was a general pot also there is any breakage. Besides, there are a lot of wine collection is a single, is not complete in pairs. Wine qin-qing huang tells a reporter, collect a lot of the time also depends on the fate, not what you want to have what kind of. Although it is not a complete set, but over time, meets the coincidence, will be complete. Defect is also a kind of beauty. According to qin-qing huang, over his collection of wine, wine contains from all the time of the warring states period to the qing dynasty, although not all is fine, but he didn't care, he is more concerned in the process of collection experience the Chinese wine culture. State research wine brewed rice wine good will, of course, good wine. Years, qin-qing huang has made China one of the three largest ancient wine - — The idea of yellow rice wine. A pure chance, qin-qing huang learned that a long relationship friend home old rice wine brewing formula, formula contains a variety of grains and herbs, this formula has for many years. Friends handed formula without reservation qin-qing huang. So he apply to the college for study - — Private health development of yellow rice wine. Porcelain collection: focus on origin is the key
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