Tang dynasty city image - borrow cultural relics Stainless steel bottle age

by:Xianke     2020-07-17

Shanghai have been excavated since six thousand many wonderful and precious relics sites. Shanghai is the earliest village - — — Six thousand years ago in qingpu songze site and China's earliest Wells, known as four thousand years ago, the blessing of 'pyramid' clay-built spring hill site, size of rare most complete the most advanced technology and the downtown ZhiDan yuan yuan dynasty sluice; Five thousand years ago, on behalf of the Chinese first invented the plough agricultural songjiang Shi Li soup temple village, four thousand - year - old Mr Hill numerous lp lake green light white jade bracelets, the biggest beast grain of ivory, thin as paper thin groove black ceramic POTS, by guo moruo as the earliest Chinese original text, published in the journal of China university minhang maqiao sites composed of liangzhu culture, as well as the national cultural relics in Ming dynasty, 'liu nguyen into the tiantai figure' bamboo carving aromatherapy, etc. , make the famous historical and cultural city, Shanghai culture more deep and solid image more rich and colorful. The landmarks of new discovery also remarkable in the town of fill many of the lack of literature in the tang dynasty, in kind of real trace directly prove the tang and song dynasties qinglong town, is a thriving, foreign trade developed port city, is the home to the Shanghai port. Chinese bronze mirror, beginning more than four thousand years ago the own culture to the north, to the han and tang dynasties, the peak of the production process to achieve the perfect level of bronze mirror. Copper as a precious metals at that time, the beginning became toiletries, of the special of the dignitaries exchanges. Tsing lung, the parrot bit ribbon grain bronze mirror is tang boutique in the mirror, do manual work is delicate, patterns vivid, than before more rigid rules of plants and animals and geometric designs, have obvious realistic. Parrot bit ribbon grain metaphor auspicious longevity, at that time in the tang dynasty only belongs to the luxury of a silver spoon in his mouth. In connection with a well of cultural relics and iron kettle, girder ding wok, hook, silver hair blue glaze POTS, wood pieces, etc. , enough to prove that the Wells, should belong to a household wholly dressed in gold or silver love dress up, have ample food and clothing is very rich, has a large family of scale. Obviously, since local excavation can be found that the somebody else, here if it wasn't a populated market prosperous society platform is unthinkable. In fact, the amount of the clean up to braise in soy sauce, cast iron scraps and some small pottery mould pieces, more reliably proved the qinglong town of prosperity. Because there is a certain size of cast iron workshop, its products, production, industrial structure, not generally humble village blacksmith shop, to get a few hoe, a few small batch of kitchen knife demand can match. Cast iron workshop and essential of miles to buy iron, coal stone, cast plough pan pan chain weapon such as a large number of consumption artisans, merchants, and small appliances, this itself is a complex and interlinked, be short of one cannot chain organizations, service object and involve GongNongShang except for the people of all walks of life, such as this again for us is bound to show a greater social combination and necessary management institution, and so on. Also unearthed a large number of broken pottery and porcelain of accumulation, should be related to large hohai transport marketing activities, a rare porcelain waist drum in the tang dynasty, is likely to be active in the town of musical legacy of culture entertainment event. At this point, a vibrant city in the tang dynasty, the east sea is vividly demonstrated in front of us. Export porcelain set off qinglong town of prosperity
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