summer soups: a cool quartet

by:Xianke     2020-06-30
Before that steaming summer afternoon, I never thought about cold soup because we sweat in the sun --
Our palms are moist and our lips dry.
Since only couples with no children knew of laziness during the holidays, we wasted wet time trying out old fashioned saxophone in an unventilated antique shop in Hudson River town.
However, our sanctuary is right in front of us: a cool, dimly lit restaurant with white linen in it, almost empty.
When we sat in our seats and had a heat in the obvious waves, the waiter brought out a plate of ice-cold zucchini --mint soup.
This is a light and sweet liquid snack.
Unlike any other zucchini dish I can think of, it went in less than a minute.
You think the soup is cool. pale or jewel-
Bright, will be the reserve food for everyone in the summer.
Is there a better solution for dinner on a hot day?
At sunset, you lie lazily in the sun and take out an ice bowl from the refrigerator.
You swept it off the cover happily and put it on it with a silver spoon.
Everyone is very happy.
However, in practice, people just don\'t like it because the casual elegance of cold soup is not free.
With some exceptions, those tempting cool soups still need someone to cook on a hot stove somewhere, at some point, somehow.
The shining priest you like at 7: 00m.
It\'s a hot pile of potato chowder and you don\'t want to do anything 12 hours ago.
Three of the four soups I shared started living on the stove (one doesn\'t —
This is free).
But I have tried to streamline them to the essence.
No one asks for more than six ingredients if you don\'t count salt and pepper.
No more than one hour of preparation time is required.
This is worth it, I assure you.
The hot, lazy summer days we have enjoyed?
They have been in the past ten years now, and they have quickly acquired dark brown tones.
We work hard in the field of parenting and shoulder to shoulder with countless other couples.
However, when the night falls, we feel more relieved than ever before.
Like the sound of the ice in the cocktail mixer, or the first charcoal smoke on the grill, the first cold soup is-
The way to get away from the day\'s labor ticket.
The hot gardening time has passed.
Sweat stream sweaty\'s chores, choking commutes, shuttle from camp to football to music lessons --
Everyone was thrown into the bin.
If lucky, even the time you made soup earlier this morning seems to be a distant memory.
May even be happy.
A really tasty cold soup requires four elements.
If any of them are missing, the soup may collapse.
While I\'m sure you can find a whole set of cold soup philosophies somewhere, probably in a French recipe. Color.
As far as I\'m concerned, any color is OK as long as it\'s not brown or even a bit brown.
Brown is warm and comfortable November lentils soup.
The brown summer soup made me sad.
If you drink a bowl of colorful soup like me, be careful to order the vegetables.
You can kill them in a closed jar within an inch of their life and make them sweat, but be careful of them and not make them brown.
In the red fruit soup, acid is your friend and it will make your color brighter.
The soup made of green vegetables is your enemy.
It will turn your green into a terrible, beaten Olive.
So relax on the lemon. Texture.
Unless you are deliberately making thick soup like a cold dish soup, the texture of the cold soup should be like silk.
Nothing inside should remind you of the hard work of chewing.
This means using a blender, followed by a fine filter.
Do not try to use a food processor.
You need a whirlpool of stirring, blistering at the highest speed of the mixer to do the job.
Don\'t try to replace the filter with a spoon or even a food mill (
Unless you have a mill with a micro disc).
They will only make you chew a little bit.
Mixed cream, yogurt, buttermilk or halfand-
The last half also helps things go smoothly. Flavor.
Summer soups take a bit of time to enliven their deep and mellow flavors, which fade when they cool down.
You can use buttermilk or yogurt to make your teeth smoother.
There are plenty of lemon, lime and other citrus juices.
However, natural acidic soup like roasted tomatoes itself does a good job. Time.
It takes at least four hours for the soup to cool. period. (
You can cool on ice for a few minutes before cooling, although it\'s hardly worth the hassle. )
If you don\'t have a few hours of cold time, wait for tomorrow.
The tepid soup is OK, but it is different from the slow and profound effect of the Stonecold soup.
The best strategy for summer soups is to make them in the morning when you still have the cheerful character you need to mix and filter the soups.
Also, you won\'t warm up the kitchen in the unbearable afternoon heat, and the soup has cooled and ready before dining.
The soup is delicious, you don\'t need extra cream, halfand-
Half, buttermilk or anything else to ease it.
Corn is mixed with the raw material, giving it an amazing sweetness without adding sugar.
4 to 6 service ears made of fresh corn, case (
Don\'t break the stem-
You need it as a handle)
2 leeks, only 4 cups of vegetables or chicken in the white part, 1 clove garlic, 1 Bay salt and pepper with delicious scallions or leeks (optional)
Rub the corn spike with a towel to remove the last silk.
Grab the stem end, hold down the stick directly in a large mixing bowl and cut off the corn kernels with a sharp knife.
Put the kernel aside.
Divide the chicken nest in half and put it in the soup pot.
Halve the white part of leeks vertically.
Rinse them and peel the layers to clear any sand between them.
Chop them up and add them to the soup pan with all the remaining ingredients in addition to the corn kernels.
Season with a little salt.
Cook it for 25 minutes.
Take out cobs and bay leaf and discard.
Taste the ingredients for seasoning.
Then add the corn kernels and cook for another 5 minutes.
Using a mixer set up at a height, mash the soup in batches and filter through a fine filter or sieve to discard any fiber solids.
Chill for at least 4 hours.
This is my 2-year-
My daughter\'s name is pink soup\"
\"Cold berry soup is usually made of orange juice, but I prefer the color and color of cranberry.
Natural sweet cranberry juice reduces toothache
High sweet
Varieties of fruit and Portuguese syrup.
Choose red fruit in red color or add blueberries if you prefer blueberries.
This is the soup version of smoothies, so it won\'t be full.
But it\'s really popular when it\'s very hot outside.
Also, you don\'t even have to turn on the stove once.
4 Cup service s3 mixed fresh or frozen berries (
Raspberry, Strawberry and/or blueberry works well)
1 cup of cranberry juice (
Natural sweetness if possible)
1 Full or low Cup
1/2 lemon 1 to 2 tablespoons of honey fatty milk juice, taste a cup or two of sour cream or cream as a decoration (optional)
In the high speed mixer, mix the berries with the juice until you get the smooth fruit puree.
If you use frozen berries, the mud will be soft.
You need to stop regularly with a rubber spatula to scrape the sides of the mixer.
Filter out any berry seeds or fibers.
Put the original pulp back into the blender and add yogurt, lemon and honey tasting.
Served with sour cream or cream.
Or, if you really want to live a lot, put some sour cream, yogurt or cream in a squeeze bottle and do what the chefs at those premium restaurants do: make some screws or cream spots and then cross them with toothpicks for spectacular results).
This is also a good solution. many-
Some of us have problems with tomatoes. August.
If you don\'t want to light the grill just to make soup, then grill the vegetables when you grill something else.
You can put them in the fridge for a day or two and peel them and cover them.
The rest of the soup is easy.
Make 4 pound cooked tomatoes, 1 cup of red bell, 1 cup of olive oil, 1 onion, 3 garlic cloves, 1 cup of chicken or vegetable soup salt, 1 gas grill, or bake some coal for charcoal.
When the grill is heated, cut one piece from the top and bottom of the red pepper for standby.
Cut the pepper.
Remove membrane and seeds.
Turn the pepper into a wide band as much as you can.
Remove the tomato stem.
When the grill is hot, place the entire tomato and pepper block, including the top and bottom, in the hottest part of the grate.
Grill, turn often until it turns black and blistering around.
When they are done, carefully transfer them to the medium
Size of mixing bowl.
Let them rest for 15 minutes or until they are cool enough to handle and cover the bowl with a lid or plate.
When tomatoes and pepper are cooled, taste the oil, onions, garlic and a little salt in a large pan.
Turn the heat low, cover it, sweat stream sweat back for about 25 minutes.
Stir them several times to prevent them from turning black.
When they are finished, the onions become translucent and emit quite a bit of liquid.
When the onion sweated, peel the tomatoes and pepper (
Discard any remaining stems)
Chop them up.
After the onions sweat, heat, add red vegetables, and then fry for 5 minutes at high temperatures.
Join the stock for another 5 minutes.
Using a mixer set up at a height, stock the soup in batches and filter through a fine filter or sieve to discard any fiber solids.
Chill for at least 4 hours.
This is a very satisfactory version of zucchini.
I like mint soup very much.
I have never thought about how to add the mint flavor while maintaining a smooth texture.
I\'m still trying.
But the use of mint as a fine herbal decoration works well, as does the use of basil.
Make 4 cups of olive oil 2 small to medium zucchini, chopped onions, 1 cup of lemon chicken or vegetable soup 1/4 to 1/2 cups of shredded buttermilk, decorate with chopped or chopped pepper and pepper or Mint branches (optional)
Put the oil in a big pot.
Add zucchini, onions, lemon zest and a little salt to help extract the juice.
Cover them with sweat for 25 minutes.
Check and stir frequently.
Don\'t make zucchini Brown.
Also don\'t overcook it, otherwise it will present olive tones that are not appetizing.
Add to the reserve when the vegetables are tender but not mushy.
Stew everything together for 5 minutes.
Using a mixer set up at a height, mash the soup in batches and filter through a fine filter or sieve to discard any fiber solids.
Add buttermilk and stir for at least 4 hours to taste and refrigerate.
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