starbucks tests recyclable coffee cups to tackle the 2.5 billion dumped each year

by:Xianke     2020-06-20
Efforts to reduce 2.
Starbucks hastoday announced that in the UK, 5 billion disposable cups are dumped in landfill sites or incineration sites every year, and it will soon be able to try recycled cups in stores across the country.
Earlier this year, popular coffee chains such as Starbucks, Costa and Pret recycleless were found, less than one of the 400 paper cups. .
At that time, it prompted Starbucks to start offering customers a 50 p discount because they brought their own cups to use, although now the company has decided to go further --
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By introducing the Frugalpac cup into its store.
Frugalpac cap was created by British entrepreneur Martin myerscoough and can be recycled because the thin plastic lining is designed to be easily separated from paper during recycling.
Myerscoough said: \"People are shocked to learn that the existing paper cups are only used once and are rarely recycled.
\"We have been developing our cups for the last two years, and now we want coffee chains and cup producers to see Frugalpac as the answer to this question.
Myerscoough is currently negotiating with other coffee shops and supermarkets on the use of cups as their standard product: \"We think the Frugalpac will make a huge contribution to the solution and we look forward to working with the industry, to achieve this goal.
A Starbucks spokesperson said: \"We are very interested in learning more about the Frugalpac cup and we will test it to see if it meets our safety and quality standards, to test its recyclability.
\"At present, more than 30 companies have signed a commitment from the paper cup recycling group to significantly improve the paper cup recovery rate by 2020, including brands such as caffénero, Starbucks, Costa, and a horse slot.
Costa does now allow customers to bring their own cups-although this is not public and there is no price incentive.
A spokesman said: \"We offer our own reusable cups, but we are happy to serve our customers.
\"Pret a Manger also allows the installation of reusable cups on the coffee machine.
A spokesman said: \"The waste issue is very important to Pret and we welcome customers who bring their own reusable cups.
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